Earlier on today, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One S will be launched in August.

Being 40% smaller and yet somehow containing on-board power, so you don't need that ugly external power brick anymore, you'd expect some things to have been cut. It seems that everything has survived, with the exception of the dedicated Kinect port.

As you can see from the shot of the rear of the console, you've got the HDMI In and Out, two USB ports (there's one on the front, too), the SPDIF, LAN port, figure-eight power connection, and that's it.

Well, not to worry. If you do want to connect a Kinect to the Xbox One S, Microsoft says that you'll need an external USB adapter. Before the alarm bells go off, they've also announced that there will be a program that offers the adapters for free to users who decide to upgrade from an older Xbox One.

You'll be able to take advantage of that here, when the offer opens.

We just thought we'd set the minds of the Xbox Fitness fans at rest.

Non-Kinect fans, Xbox Fitness is awesome. Don't front.