It even says it on my controller!

Those bold ones who have supported the Xbox One since day one — who laid down their hard earned cash and subsequently unlocked the mega prestigious achievement — it appears that you may be gifted on this first year anniversary of the launch! Bless your loyal souls. Microsoft have today sent out e-mails thanking some Day One supporters with promise of a free copy of Limbo on Xbox One, the critically acclaimed indie success, once it reaches the marketplace.

The freebie seems to only apply to those who unlocked the "Day One" achievement on their Xbox One and at this time, we cannot confirm that it will apply to EVERYONE who unlocked the achievement. Programs that reward early adopters, day one purchasers, and the like are something seen only recently within this last generation. A great example would be the "Ambassador Program" by Nintendo following a prompt price cut on the original 3DS hardware, rewarding those who had purchased the system early and at full price with a selection of somewhat exclusive virtual console content. Microsoft has in the past insulted the Xbox community with pathetic offerings on users birthdays, their rewards system for Xbox users doesn't even shine a light on that of Club Nintendo and it's survey system. Games with Gold has indeed been impressive but we're talking rewards here. Could this be a turnaround in how Microsoft views rewarding it's Xbox Live service patrons?

What have you thought of Xbox Live Rewards, these birthday e-mails, and of Limbo as a Day One (only) bonus?

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