Insignia Reveals How To Connect To The New Version Of Xbox Live 1.0

This past weekend, it was revealed that Insignia would be launching its beta on November 15th, 2022, allowing people with original Xbox consoles to connect to a replacement version of Xbox Live 1.0 and play a bunch of games online.

Since then, Insignia has revealed exactly how you'll able to connect to the service (once you've received a beta invite) via the Setup Assistant, which is now available to download. Basically, you'll need to have the "V2" version of the Xbox Live Dashboard, and then run the Setup Assistant to register your console with the Insignia team.

If you're already using a modded Xbox, you'll be able to just download the assistant and then transfer it over to your console. If it's a standard retail Xbox, however, it apparently requires softmodding an Xbox by downloading a specific Insignia save file for one of a few games. This is explained more thoroughly on the Insignia website:

Note: If you're going to softmod your Xbox, you should only do so at your own risk!

"Detailed text and video guides exist for softmodding Xbox consoles already; the only major difference is that you need to use Insignia's exploit savegames instead of the Rocky5 softmod saves mentioned in these guides."

If you decide to do this, you'll finally be able to access the Setup Assistant and register your console for Insignia. This will work straight away, but obviously you won't be able to create a gamertag and subscribe to the new "Xbox Live" until you've received a beta invite, which you can sign up for right now.

The process isn't quite as straightforward as we might have hoped for standard Xboxes, then, but we're still definitely excited to see how Insignia fares over the coming weeks. We'll be keeping a close eye on this!

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