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I dare bet if i googled i would find the answer to this, but I figured I would make a thread instead. I am trying to compile a list of long-running IP games that are available to play on XBox consoles. I want to limit this, though, to a few rules:
1) Every entry in the IP needs to be available on some XBox console (even if its not BC today.) Final Fantasy would not count.
2) It is acceptable if some spin-off isnt available on XBox (if every numbered persona was available, it would not be disqualified for lack of the dancing entries)
3) Exception to rule #1 will be made on a case-to-case basis, mostly on cases of complete paradigm shifts (Fallout would make it because every entry post 3 is a whole different ball game, Similar for Elders Scrolls 3)
4) The IP needs to have at least 3 entries (sorry, Red Dead Redemption not making it.)
5) Remakes count as stand-ins, so Resident Evil makes it thanks to all the remakes!
6) No yearly sports games
7) Entries count even if they can only be purchased now in collections.

I am going to start with a quick list off the top of my head and quick googling, and update it as I think of more, or people point more.

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🎮Assassins Creed (12 main entries, counting upcoming Valhalla, don’t ask about side stuff...)
🎮Banjo-Kazooie (3 entries)
🎮Batman Arkham (4 entries)
🎮Borderlands (4 entries)
🎮Crackdown (3 entries)
🎮Crash Bandicoot (3 entries, soon 4, there are no other crash games. I said there are no other crash games!!!)
🎮Dark Souls (3 entries)
🎮Dead Rising (4 main entries + 2 Off The Record)
🎮Dead Space (3 entries)
🎮Devil May Cry (5 entries, plus that odd one)
🎮Doom (3 original series entries + Doom 64, 2 entries in reboot as bonus, this would not make the list on its own without one more entry)
🎮Fable (3 entries)
🎮Far Cry (6 entries very soon, plus Primal and Blood Dragon)
🎮Forza Horizon (4 entries)
🎮Forza Motorsport (8 entries)
🎮Gears of War (5 numbered entries + 1 prequel + Tactics game)
🎮Halo (5 numbered entries, 2 RTS, 2 side games)
🎮Hitman 2016 (3 entries, counting the one coming January)
🎮Just Cause (4 entries)
🎮Lost Planet (3 entries)
🎮Mass Effect (3 entries plus Andromeda)
🎮Mega Man (11 entries)
🎮Mega Man X (8 entries, although criminal we still cant play Command Mission)
🎮Metro (3 entries)
🎮Ninja Gaiden 2004 (3D series, all available)
🎮Resident Evil (7 entries, plus Code Veronica X and the two Revelations games)
🎮Splinter Cell (6 entries)
🎮Tomb Raider 2013 (3 entries)
🎮Wasteland (3 entries)
🎮Watchdogs (3 entries, counting Legion, its around the corner)

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Great list and that probably took alot of time to compile. However I believe when people say Xbox has no games they are talking about exclusives. All those games are great but you can play them on PS as well and even a few on Switch.

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Grim Legends (3 entries)

Lego Batman (3 entries, 4 if you count DC Super Villains)

Lego Marvel (3 entries)

Lego Star Wars (5 entries)

Mafia (3 entries)

Mega Man Zero (4 entries + ZX and ZX Advent)

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (4 numbered entries + Generations and Revolution)

Nightmares from the Deep (3 entries)

Prince of Persia (Sands of Time Trilogy + remake of the original + 2008 reboot + Forgotten Sands, and soon the Sands of Time remaster.)

Red Dead (Revolver + Redemption 1&2)

Saint’s Row (4 main entries + Gat out of Hell)

Sengoku (3 entries)

Sniper Elite (4 entries)

Sniper Ghost Warrior (4 entries)

Streets of Rage (4 entries)

Telltale’s The Walking Dead (5 seasons)

Warriors Orochi (4 entries)

Zombie Army (4 entries)

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