Topic: What Features Would You Like To See Added To Xbox One?

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I have also spent an obscene amount of money on the Skylanders figures for my son. He's not quite got that many Red, but I don't think he's too far behind. I tend to get them when they are on sale for about £4 - £5 for a 3 pack or each.

Yeah it's an expensive franchise that's for sure... we've branched out into the Marvel Infinity stuff this Christmas too - luckily there's not that many of them compared to Skylanders


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Screenshots - can't fathom why it's such a big deal for them to implement.

This! I was so surprised Microsoft had done the whole "share a gameclip" thing, but completely missed the simple 'Screenshot' option. Sony did it so cleverly with the share button that you can connect straight to social media. I used to think that it was annoying with all the #PS4Share posts on my twitter, but now I totally get it – sometimes you find something hilarious that you just want to share.

As someone who prefers playing on the XO and is attempting to grow a Twitch channel, I'd love it if they added an option that would make it possible for me to also broadcast party chat. I love playing with people, but on stream I either look like a loon talking to myself or spend too much time talking to chat and missing what party is saying or the other way around. You don't always need it, but an option would be nice.

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My Kinect listens ok, I just can't use it much because if Mister is playing his at the same time and I give a command, his does it as well. Useful for winding him up, though.

I dislike how the followers thing works in place of friends. There's no real notification or anything when someone adds you, so unless I actively check my followers periodically, it can be weeks before I realise someone has tried to add me.

Also I don't know if it's different now, because I don't use it any more, but the console's ability to turn the TV on when it powered up was poop. It could never differentiate between if the TV was already on or not, so if I switched from watching television to the One or something, it'd turn the TV off :/

I love how its followers instead of friends. Makes it a lot easier to follow people I care about without them having to accept a request. Although as you said they should do a better job of notifying players.

I can see both sides of this. It's cool to 'follow' people that you probably wouldn't game with, but it would be nice to have the option of 'Send a friend request' or 'Follow'. As my fellow Captain says, it can be a long time before you spot someone following you unless you frequently check.

Yeah for example I follow a lot of reviewers that I don't know very well but I like seeing their statistics show up and see what they've been playing. For example I have only met Patrick Klepek once but I can follow him on my Xbox One really easily and see what he is doing and stuff. I think that is awesome.

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