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After much messing about and procrastinating on my part I'm finally ready and very happy to announce my new FIFA Night Stream! Starting October 14th 9pm-11pm GMT I will be streaming on our twitch channel so if people want to join me and watch my Ultimate Team Seasons that would be great. I'm also looking to build some new rivalries so anyone who wants to partake in the stream and play some Seasons let me know. You can add me on XBL flameboyNE or hit me up on here.

I'm also open to playing some regular seasons and co-op if people are interested and if we get enough of a following perhaps some larger tournament can eventually get off the ground.

Finally everyone loves those Ultimate Team Packs so I will opening at least one pack in each stream, sometimes more and the great thing about that is that Team of the Week special cards get announced every Wednesday so join me as I try to get those limited cards.


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I have a single FIFA achievement. The person who hacked my account got it 😡😡😡😡

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