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@BlueOcean I'm never too specific on the internet, but northeast, much too close to the NY metro, thus the Forza like starting grid.

The internal wiring is ancient, but as such it's also nicely simple. Basic wires, basic breakers... Not much to cause electronics issues. There are some things like a laser printer and some appliances with a PID temp controller that can cause visible pulsing in dimmable led lights i.e. Line noise, can't really insulate that, I've tried isolators, and true isolators are expensive industrial gear. but basically it creates line noise like Ethernet over Power does. The PC psus I've lost did happen to be active pfc, and I've always believed that's part of it. "Normal"people don't pay for that. I was trying to keep them as cool running as possible as gaming rigs.

The kitchen stuff that blew out (plus an ups over the years or two) definitely blew with the grid sags and surges. Usually a power outage that probably has a sag or surge on fail or restore, and they were just messed up after the power was restored.

Still, the x didn't blow out with any kind of power event, but after a few hours of play in the middle of a race while syncing to the cloud. No power events at the time, but it's weirdly coincidental that there were multiple power events on the grid right after it broke.

It's also weirdly coincidental that the UPS o did use for consoles freaked out days before and was clicking constantly and I had to disconnect the battery to get it to stop (the UPS unit is bad). But the x isn't even connected to that and the PS5 is! Plus the x is on the game socket the 1x was for years without issue.

I did start using econ instead of instant on most of the time. Technically the PSU is still energized either way to handle the power events and wireless. But maybe it's more stable in instant on? PS5 is and PS4&1x we're always in standby.

I notice there's a lot of power grid events that happen in the middle of the night. Probably maintenance of some kind.



@NEStalgia I definitely recommend using power saving mode. What's the point of instant-on when Series X boots up so fast? Unless you have low-speed internet and you want to download Halo Infinite but you don't if I remember correctly. I'd still recommend you having an electrician checking your house at least once.



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