Topic: Xbox Series X All Access offer redeem option not showing up when setting up the xbox series x

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Hi All,

I am new to Xbox series X(bought this for my kid) and I bought Xbox via Walmart(product link below) recently and received yesterday(26th Nov 2021) and the product included 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate but when setting up the xbox I didn't get any option to redeem the 24months Xbox game pass ultimate(even thought I have checked the Data sharing option during xbox setup) and after installation I have gone through the Settings-->Account--> but can't find the 'Included with this Xbox' option to redeem the 24 months of Xbox game pass ultimate option(Microsoft redeem link below).

Also can't see any info to redeem via Microsoft account linked to my Xbox. Reached out to Walmart but not much help.

So xbox community any help with this issue or whom do I need to reach out to resolve this issue please let me know if any one gone through similar issue which I really appreciate?

Product Link:

Microsoft Link:



@xbox7141 was it supplied as a redeemable code? There's a section in the store for redeeming those. You can also do it via web browser, but not sure of the exact URL. Should be easy to find via web search though.


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