Topic: Is the series s worth it?

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I moved to a digital collection with the One S. So actually don't own any Xbox disks (PS convert) and in the main, bar some big third party releases, Gamepass covers most of my needs.

Just ordered the Series S, had originally planned on getting the Series X but the S was really available. Still more than prepared to switch to the X down the line if the gap widens but for now looking forward to diving into the medium on the S.



Loving my Series S so far.

I don't have a 4K TV at the moment so not missing much in that regard, but I do miss not having physical drive a little though. I'm new to Xbox this Gen so it's not like I have a pile of old media lying around, but there have been a few times when I've seen some games that were super-cheap, either in sales or used, that I might've picked up if I'd had the ability to play them. I tend not to buy games at release anyway, so with a little patience there are some pretty good deals to be had digitally too; just not as much choice as physical though.



I missed last gen until I got a Switch about 2 years ago. Before that I was an avid 360 player(briefly had a PS3 and hated how slow and update heavy(and physically heavy) it was) the Series S along with gamepass is the perfect way to get back into mainline gaming particularly as I have an instant back catalogue to get through that will last me until Halo Infinite! I have a 4K TV in my lounge but only 1080P in my game room at the moment, it will spend most of its time in the latter with the odd trip onto the main TV so is perfect for me, even then I value the FPS over the resolution overall and happy to sacrifice the reduction in things like ray tracing for now.



Depends on your gaming needs.

I'm getting the Series X because I want that raw horsepower. Hitman 3 is a perfect example of what I mean. Series X runs Hitman 3 at 4K resolution 60fps with high quality shadows whereas PS5 can only do 1800p 60fps with medium quality shadows.

It is what it is. The better specs = better visual fidelity and overall gaming experience.

I'm thinking...


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