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I have the Series S and think it's pretty great, it's certainly a big upgrade over the PS4 in terms of it's capabilities. OG Xbox and 360 games look and play great on it, much better then original hardware with the only real downside is being stuck with One S versions of games, then again some of them are now getting 60fps updates. As for next gen games, I played AC Valhalla at 60fps, The Medium looks good and Hitman 3 looks amazing on it and runs at 60fps

Older than I care to remember but have been gaming since owning a wooden Atari 2600 and played pretty much everything inbetween.


@carlos82 thanks, thats really helpful to hear your experience of the console. there are some in stock at my local Argos so I think I will be ordering one!



Wow, I have a Series S now, and have to say its brilliant! I bought a year of Xbox live and swapped that into Gamepass for £1 (such an amazing deal), and have been playing some state of decay 2 this evening and a little bit of fight night champion. Quick resume is excellent, and State of decay looks and runs great. Really fun game, too! Very happy with my purchase!



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