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@BAMozzy: Scorpio will launch Christas next year. Right at the end of the presentation, Holiday 2017 flashes up on the screen

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@sorethumbed: Yeah I saw - I hope that gets brought forward. I think it will depend on what Sony do and how their sales go. The reason it affects me is that if Neo launches this year or Q1 at the latest, I will buy the games on PS4 because by the time the Scorpio drops, chances are I will have finished with them and any potential power benefits will not be included - Frostbite 3 for example on XB1 games are 720/60, 900/60 on ps4 but 1080 (min) on Neo (from Oct - if rumours are true) so I would rather play BF1, TF2 and ME:Andromeda at much higher resolution. Fog (like Fallout 4 Far Harbour and the Witcher 3's Bog) causes a lot of frame rate drops on those - BF1 has Dynamic weather, Gas grenades etc so could be affected... Hence buy these on PS4 Neo because by Holiday 2017, I will have pretty much finished with these.

I wonder if MS would bring it forward if sales are lower than expected if/when Sony releases Neo and Nintendo releases the NX?? I think in part its because they don't want to upset the 20m XB1 owners and that why they are holding out for another year but if the Slim doesn't hit sales targets and/or game sales continue to favour the PS platform, if they bring that forward....

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@BAMozzy: Yes, thats possible. Not a PS player so what sony does doesn't really affect me. Also, I will probably get VR at some point and I will want something that will run on PC and Xbox.

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