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Hello dudes. I'm sorry for my poor English ( I know it sucks ). But today I want to talk about Your own idea to video game You wanted to make. I bet You have one.

I remember the day when I learned that creator of "Comic Jumper" had an idea to make this game since school times. That is I want to share my own.

1 - About the Game

The game's title is "Never Ending Adventure". Yeah... I know it sounds like "Never Ending Story", I used this title because it sounds tempting.
The game had to be a combination of 2d, 2.5d and 3d platformer both in TPP and FPP style - some levels are 2d, some others 3d and so on.

The game concept contains also the elements of various fighting games, schooters, action RPG, action, racing, sport and even party games' elements. But We will speak about that below.

2 - The Story

The time and place of action is the new universe ( after the appocalypse ) and planet similar to Earth. It's name is Guyax.
The God wanted to save the life in our Universe, but He failed... He decided to go find all of the lost souls to gather them in His kingdom. But also He decided to create a new universe with Guyax inclunded.

The main protagonists are four citisens of Guyax. They are the members of specie I called the Neoids. Neoids have a mission to find the lost souls and ressurected ones - it is... Well, lets call the platforming Pokemon'like game.

But our protagonists have to face the evil living beings called the Spectrum X. The Spectrum X are the nonmaterial living beings earning the physical body ( temporary ) to interact the world of game. They are like Team Rocket from Pokemon and they can to find only evil souls and evil ressurected ones.

Neoids' team is called the "Silver Dove" and Spectrum X's is called the "Dark Heart". Silver Dove are the mostly playable charas. But some issues includes Dark Heart as playable ones too.

But the both teams have to face various villains... Some of them will die and some others will join the Silver Dove as the loyal allies.

3 - Bad Guys:

Dr Vincent Mark: He is a briliant scientist and leader of "Star Moon" syndicate. He became a bad guy because he wanted to end the science by inventions which could to end the using an animals as the test subjects. Even then he wanted to make it for a good purposes the society found him as the mad man. They hunted him down and imprisoned him in the prisson in the ice capsule. But after the operation led by his right hand, Raptain Mizuno he runned away to the new universe to prepare his revenge.
Vince is really briliant scientist. So he can to lead his operations one step forward than Neoids.

Lucifer the Devil: Lucifer is a king of hell. He was been inspired by Megatron, Oroku "Shredder" Saki and Sigma the Maberick.
Lucifer is liar who leads his devilish armies by force, inflicting the fear... He doesn't trust anyone and he is always ready to sacrifice his subjects even for meaningless purposes. That fiend also likes too punish his subjects even for his own faults. His punishments are always humiliating, painfull, sadistic, dramatic and lethal.
After many failures when he lost to Neoids he gained an obsession about them. He was hungry for revenge. Lucifer doesn't respect life of the other beings. He despises it...
The king of hell is sarrounded by traitors. He knows the taste of betrayal because he betrayed Lillith - his mother.

Negrox the King of Evil: Negrox is a king of all evil. His real name is Van Drake. He was an ordinary animal used for genetic tests as a test subject. But after years of pain he dissapears. Van Drake is the one who doesn't believe in love. He believes that love is nothing more but an illusion and lie. As Negrox he feels only fear, wrath, hatren, sorrow and suffering. He believes that demons are the only creatures anyone can trust. But suprising to him a good angel girl named Seraphinia saves him from his painfull life.

Demons: Demons are soulles creatures made of magic. Every mage can to create them and use them as a willing slaves - the idea came to me after watching Sailor Moon anime. I'm not satanist by the way.

War-Insects: War-Insects are the mutated cyborgs based on humans' DNA. They are way worse than demons.

Metal War-Insects: They are fully robotic versions of War-Insects.

Mr. Barley: Barley is the leader of D-Generation 0 gang. D-Generation 0 is a gang united by many subcultures, street and little gangs and other groups You won't like to meet in the dark street.
Mr. Barley was been inspired by Hun from TMNT and D-0 was been inspired by the Purple Dragons and my passion to beat em up games.

There is a lot of more villains.

4 - Allies

The God, Jesus and the Angels: They are friends to our protagonists. Always friendly, calm, loving and passionate to all kinds of life. They are far differend to Their description You can to find in bible.

Falka the Wolf: A smart wolf girl who leads our protagonists to victory.

The Red Angel: A mysterious guy who is always near to protagonists when they need a helping hand.

5 - Gameplay:

The NEA's gameplay is based on fighting, exploration and platforming. So...

Combat: NEA had to be a meele counterpart to Ratchet & Clank. Even then there will be a lot of shooting NEA is focused on close range combat. The combat is a pure arcade style, no free flow or any of this style.

The protagonists can to use their own skills. But also they to use various weapons and objects and sometimes even the vehicles. You can to use various single attacks, combos, throws, grabs, super and special attacks. Each character has his or her own fighting style. It isn't the real martial art always. Just like in Anime Fighters the charas can to use a simple button combinations to perform some attacks.

Each chara has his or her own fighting system, advance combat attacks and signatures. Similar to Bobobo anime some fighting styles are absurdally funny - but suitable to character's personality.

Explorartion and Platforming:

The main levels are sand box open world levels where ( just like in Sonic Frontiers ) You can to run, jump, explore and interact with various things. Each of these levels is also the hub world to smaller levels which are not the Cyber Space. The open world levels contains also the metroidvania and isometric adventure games mechanics.

That means some objectives will reward You with new attacks, skills, weapons, gadgets and gismos You can to use in next missions. But sometimes these objectives can to reward You with activating some device - like opening the gate, turning the elevator on and etc. - to get to the normaly not achievable places in open world level.

The side levels are not the cyber space. But they are the collect a thon levels, Crash Bandicoot'like levels, side scrollers and etc. levels with their own collectibles and mechanics.


You can to collect a lot of treasures. Some of them can by like:

The Ancient Crystals: Similar use to the Crash Bandicoot's Crystals.

The Artefacts: An extra collectibles, similar to Crash Bandicoot's Gems some of them have their own color to open the gem routes' like places in various levels.

The Gem Coins: They are like Gems in Spyro

The Myster Card: A secret treasure

The Golden Clock: Like a Relic in Crash Bandicoot

The Golden Game Device: After unlocing it You have to beat a game inside it. Based on simple, nonvideo action games You can to find in toy shops

The Star Emblem: To earn it You have to hit it on the wall or floor it is srticked on.

The Star Crystal and The Star Ball: You have to grab and throw the Star Ball onto the Star Crystal to win both of them

The Lucifer Statue: To earn it You have to break and demolish it completely

The Comic Book Cover: I took this idea from Spider-Man game for PSX.

Something Mine: A various things You have to grab by using a various characters

New Playable Character: It is like a Pokemon. You have to befriend the new playable charas in Silver Dove or force the bad dudes to become Your nonfriend ally in Dark Heart.

Souls: Only for Silver Dove. Each of them has a name - like young dragons and dragonflies in Spyro. Some of them may afraid of You so You have to be carefull. Sometimes You have to run after them and show them You're not their foe.

Belzeebub Soldiers' Dark Spirits: Only for Dark Heart. You have to destroy their dark graves, defeat them and entrap them in dark crystal amulets.

The Hostages: After setting them free they can to serve You by giving You a tips or infomations.

Playable Charas:

You can to unlock a lot of them. It is like Toy to Life game or something in style of upcomming Cryptoys. But You musn't to pay and buy it. You can to unlock them all in game. The charas have various playstyle, archetypes and skills... Sometimes You need one to get trough the obstacle You can beat as the Neoid or Spectrum X.

6 - Story:

Various NEA games have various plot. All of them have a warm atmosphere with a positive message. But that is to make soft a story with a lot of serious topics.

Sometimes it is a super hero stories. Sometimes it is something funny, dramatic or sad. You can to get into the space, explore the world or even travel trought the time or into the another dimension.

But right now I'll describe the most ridicilous plot I wanted to make.

"Never Ending Adventure: Starring the Bubble Band" - We all know that there is only one queen. But not all of You know that the self proclaimed queen of polish show business is someone We know as Doda Elektroda.

Hugo used the Christiano Ronaldo as chara to his game once. And I... Well, I wanted to make a parody to Doda Elektroda and make a band for her. So We have the Soda, Cola, Lemonade and Tonic as the playable joke characters to show how stupid is shownbusiness and junk TV

7 - The concept is dead...

... because not everyone makes a big platform games as the AAA games. I was thinking about starting my career with CD Project Red, but they are only into RPG games.

Now, share Your own game ideas please.

There is no other fox than the Black Fox.

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