Best Xbox Games For Kids

What are the best Xbox kids games? As the parent or primary carer of young kids who've recently got their hands on an Xbox One, Series X or Series S, or are beginning to show an interest in gaming in general, it can be pretty tough to know exactly what games out there are suitable for them to play. You're looking for titles that aren't going to shock or disturb, that won't see them exposed to online harassment and that also provide a level of fun and entertainment that make them worth picking up in the first place.

It's a fine line, for sure, and the kid-friendly aspect of video games is often something that can be a little overlooked when it comes to reviews and other forms of coverage. So, in order to help you out when it comes to choosing suitable titles for your kids to get stuck into on their Xbox consoles, we've put together a guide to the very best family-friendly games currently available on the platform. Where co-op is available for you to play together we've noted it in our summaries, and we've also gone ahead and flagged up whether or not each of the games on our list is available on Xbox Game Pass.

Let's jump in!

A Hat in Time (Xbox One)

A Hat in Time (Xbox One)A Hat in Time (Xbox One)
Publisher: Humble Bundle / Developer: Gears for Breakfast
Release Date: 6th Dec 2017 (USA)

A cute-as-heck 3D platformer in the vein of Super Mario 64, Gears For Breakfast's A Hat in Time released back in 2017 and it's a perfect platforming adventure for younger gamers. A bright and colourful affair with controls that are easy to get to grips with and plenty of joyful variety in its handful of worlds, it puts you in control of Hat Kid, a little girl on a mission to retrieve all of her Time Pieces after they're scattered across a planet by some horrible gangsters. Boo!

If you've ever played the likes of Super Mario 64 you'll know the score here, there's an easy to navigate hub area that gives you scope to try multiple levels out from the get-go, lest you get stuck or don't particularly like one, and in-game abilities run the gamut from jump, double jump, wall jump, umbrella attack and, most importantly of all, the titular hat, or hats. Collecting hats here will see you gain all manner of abilities, from moving faster to brewing potions, and there are tons to collect as you move through the game.

A Hat in Time is a delightful 3D platformer overall, one of the best recent examples of the genre in fact, and a game most kids will knock a lot of fun out of. What's more there's also a co-op mode that let's two friends play through the entire main story together!

  • Xbox Game Pass? No

Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time (Xbox Series X|S)

Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time (Xbox Series X|S)Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time (Xbox Series X|S)
Publisher: Activision / Developer: Toys for Bob
Release Date: 2nd Oct 2020 (UK/EU)

Crash Bandicoot returned in 2020 with this absolutely brilliant addition to the long-running franchise that never sits still for a second. This is an endlessly inventive, wonderfully colourful and entertaining romp that brings that classic Crash gameplay bang up to date with refined controls and an impressive graphical makeover.

Sure there's plenty of challenge in some of the stages here, but we reckon your kids might surprise you with how quickly they can improve and defeat the obstacles at hand, and they're guaranteed to have an absolute blast in the process. Oh, and there's even a pass and play mode available so up to four people can take turns as you plough through the campaign together!

  • Xbox Game Pass? No

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (Xbox One)

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (Xbox One)Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (Xbox One)
Publisher: Activision / Developer: Beenox
Release Date: 21st Jun 2019 (USA)

Who needs Mario Kart when we've got Crash and his buddies blasting around super colourful tracks at high speed in this excellent kart racer from 2019. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled is a properly great game, one that some people reckon is even better than Nintendo's long-running kart franchise, now that's some high praise indeed!

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled is so good because it nails everything is sets out to achieve; it's fast and frantic, its tracks are colourful, dynamic and full of shortcuts, its weapons are fun to use, it has a brilliant roster of characters and a better, more satisfying boost system than Mario Kart. It also has an excellent Adventure Mode which sees you take on races across a handful of worlds which come complete with their very own bosses who you'll need to take on in showdown races in order to emerge victorious. With online modes and a brilliant local 4-player option also available, this is one kart racer that's sure to delight younger gamers and adults alike.

  • Xbox Game Pass? No

Disneyland Adventures (Xbox One)

Disneyland Adventures (Xbox One)Disneyland Adventures (Xbox One)
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios / Developer: Asobo Studio
Release Date: 31st Oct 2017 (USA)

Disneyland is certainly a magical place for the young ones (and us oldies!), and if your kids have ever wanted a way to explore Disneyland whilst also meeting the various characters and taking part in fun activities and mini-games, Disneyland Adventures fits the bill. It's over ten years old now, but that doesn't matter in the slightest.

Originally designed for the Xbox 360 as a Kinect-only game, a remaster was released for Xbox One in 2017 with updated visuals and, finally, the ability to play it with a controller. It's a very simplistic game, making it perfect for young kids as well as old, but it's also charming enough to be enjoyable for adults as well. Give it a try!

  • Xbox Game Pass? Yes

Fortnite (Xbox One)

Fortnite (Xbox One)Fortnite (Xbox One)
Publisher: Epic Games / Developer: Epic Games
Release Date: 25th Jul 2017 (USA) / 25th Jul 2017 (UK/EU)

This one probably needs little to no introduction really, does it? Fortnite is an absolute juggernaut and, if this writer's kids are anything to go by, an absolute must-play if you're gonna be down with the playground lingo at school every day.

Yes, as much as we sometimes get sick of the sight of it, there's no denying that Epic's Battle Royale spectacular is an extremely polished, addictive and most importantly FUN experience that kids seem to really love and connect with. There's always some event or other happening, a new season, cool new characters, new skins and collectibles, and it's all wrapped up in a wonderfully colourful and clever take on the BR genre that adds that amazing building element to proceedings. Oh, and it's also free to play outside of purchasing cosmetics, so what is there to lose?!

  • Xbox Game Pass? No, but it's free to play!

Forza Horizon 5 (Xbox Series X|S)

Forza Horizon 5 (Xbox Series X|S)Forza Horizon 5 (Xbox Series X|S)
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios / Developer: Playground Games
Release Date: 9th Nov 2021 (USA)

Playground Games' latest open world racing effort is an absolutely spectacular affair, easily one of the very best games of 2021, that takes the storied franchise to new heights with its best setting yet, Mexico.

Forza Horizon 5 features a seemingly endless array of amazing cars to unlock, non-stop events that take in road racing, off-road, rally, stunts, one-off showpieces and more, and it all looks and sounds incredible to boot. What's more, all of this is 100% suitable for kids, as even the persistent online aspects are tweakable to ensure you can enjoy the fun of racing and competing against others without ever having to communicate with a single soul. As far as family-friendly racing experiences go, this is the game to beat.

  • Xbox Game Pass? Yes

Gang Beasts (Xbox One)

Gang Beasts (Xbox One)Gang Beasts (Xbox One)
Publisher: Double Fine Productions / Developer: Boneloaf
Release Date: 27th Mar 2019 (USA)

Gang Beasts isn't just one of the best multiplayer games on Xbox Game Pass, it's also one of the funniest. The premise is that you play as a plasticine-style character with floppy arms and legs, and you need to manipulate your body to try and throw other players to their demise in a series of ridiculous and over-the-top multiplayer arenas.

The beauty of Gang Beasts is that it's incredibly easy to pick up and play, so you'll be having fun in no time whether you're a video game master or still getting to grips with the basics, but there's also enough room to learn its intricacies and improve your skills substantially. This game has left us in stitches at times — it really is that hilarious!

  • Xbox Game Pass? Yes

It Takes Two (Xbox Series X|S)

It Takes Two (Xbox Series X|S)It Takes Two (Xbox Series X|S)
Publisher: Electronic Arts / Developer: Hazelight
Release Date: 26th Mar 2021 (UK/EU)

Hot on the heels of the excellent No Way Out, Hazelight Studios returned in 2021 with this stunning, and 100% kid friendly, co-op adventure that's a joy from beginning to end.

Telling the story of two parents on the brink of divorce (don't worry, it's handled brilliantly) who've been shrunk down to toy size and must now get back to their daughter, It Takes Two is an endlessly inventive thrill-ride that just keeps throwing new gameplay mechanics at you and never misses its target when it comes to fun. Working together here is essential and the game's gamut of puzzles, bosses and even head to head minigame challenges provide a ton of opportunity for the family to get together and work together in order to emerge victorious. This one walked away with the Game of the Year Award at The Game Awards 2021 and once you've played it you'll understand why. It Takes Two is absolute magic!

  • Xbox Game Pass? Yes (through EA Play)

Kingdom Hearts III (Xbox One)

Kingdom Hearts III (Xbox One)Kingdom Hearts III (Xbox One)
Publisher: Square Enix / Developer: Square Enix
Release Date: 2016 (USA) / 2016 (UK/EU)

A bit of a no-brainer this one. Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts 3 arrived in 2019 and is the 12th instalment in the long running action RPG franchise set in a world full of all things Disney.

Yes, if your kids have ever enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Hero 6, Toy Story, Tangled, Monsters Inc and so much more, they're all here, present and correct, in worlds presented with movie quality graphics that are a blast to explore for secrets and endless treasures. There's a fantastic battle system here, lots of imagination and diversity in gameplay and, even though the story is a little bloated and unimpressive, Kingdom Hearts 3 manages to deliver up some 40 hours worth of Disney magic that kids and adults alike are gonna have a great time with.

  • Xbox Game Pass? Yes (until January 15th, 2022)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox One)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox One)LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox One)
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive / Developer: Traveller's Tales
Release Date: 22nd Nov 2013 (USA) / 29th Nov 2013 (UK/EU)

To be honest, you could really stick just about any of the fantastic LEGO games in here, it's a pretty safe bet that kids are gonna have a great time, however we've plumped for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes in particular because it scratches two pretty big cultural itches.

Released when Marvel Mania was at fever pitch, this is an absolute nerd-fest of characters, cameos, in-jokes, lore, witty asides and all that good stuff that Marvel lovers will just eat up. It also happens to be a fantastic game; a playful, inventive, colourful and just downright fun experience for up to two players. The LEGO games always deliver and this open world comic book extravaganza delivers hard!

  • Xbox Game Pass? No