• E3 2014 Microsoft Conference LIVEBLOG

    Monday 9th June - Game on.

    E3 2014 is going to provide some great surprises, we feel, and we'll be covering the entirety of Microsoft's "Game On" conference with a liveblog, allowing you to jump in and have your say about the things that are going on at the show. [liveblog=microsoft_e3_conference_2014]#XboxE3 #E32014



  • News Microsoft Studios' Creative Director Defends 'Always-Online' Xbox

    "Deal with it!"

    It seems like Adam Orth, creative director of Microsoft Studios, has caused quite a furor with his recent comments regarding Durango's 'always-online' future, following a number of negative reactions to the prospect. Evidence is continuing to mount regarding the successor to the Xbox 360 requiring a constant internet connection in...



  • News SmartGlass Comes To Forza Horizon


    Microsoft and Turn 10 have released the official SmartGlass app for Forza Horizon today. Dubbed the "Forza Horizon SmartGlass Experience", the app comes as a free download for Windows 8 PCs and provides gamers with a tablet-based interactive map of the game's take on Colorado. Players can view the entire map and zoom in using pinch...