• Guide When Will The Xbox Series X Price Be Announced?

    Here's when you can expect to pre-order

    The Xbox Series X is very much on the horizon, with the device having been unveiled thoroughly in recent weeks, and still currently targeting a Holiday 2020 release date. However, as of yet, no official price has been quoted for the system. We'll be updating this mini-guide when more information is revealed...

  • News Phil Spencer Discusses How Xbox Series X Can Beat PS5

    "This is absolutely a long game for us"

    Head of Xbox Phil Spencer appeared on another IGN interview last Friday, during which he was questioned about this thoughts on the competition with Sony and the PlayStation 5. Spencer responded by outlining what he feels the Xbox Series X needs to do to win over customers in the next generation. "The...

  • News Phil Spencer Talks Xbox Series X Launch Games And Pre-Release Plans

    "We're definitely going to be leaning into the games talk now"

    Head of Xbox Phil Spencer revealed more details yesterday on what to expect from the Xbox Series X in regards to launch games and the system's roadmap in an interview with IGN. Responding to a question about how the company will approach its launch lineup, Spencer noted the...

  • News Be Prepared To Buy Sea Of Thieves Again, If You Prefer To Play On Steam

    Rocking the boat

    Yesterday, as you might have heard, the official Sea of Thieves Twitter account revealed Rare's multiplayer pirate game would be released on Steam. It's not all that surprising considering how games like Gears 5 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection are already on there, and it should be a nice boost for the playe

  • News The Xbox Spring Sale 2020 Is Now Live, Hundreds Of Titles Discounted

    Break out the gift cards

    Update (Fri 3rd Apr, 2020 06:30 BST): We've got an update from Major Nelson, who has now updated the weekly Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale post. Here is the full round-up along with his Twitter announcement: Original Story (Fri 3rd Apr, 2020 00:05 BST): It's finally here! The Xbox Spring Sale 2020 has begun, with

  • News Phil Spencer Explains The Lack Of Optical Audio Port On Xbox Series X

    "Price does play a role, there's no doubt"

    Something else that Phil Spencer discussed during his lengthy (and fantastic) hour-long interview with IGN was the lack of an optical audio port on the Xbox Series X. We'd already heard it would be missing on the new system, but until now, we hadn't received a specific reason as to why: “The marginal...

  • News Phil Spencer "Feels Good" About Xbox Series X Price, Will "Stay Agile"

    "We have a plan and we feel very solid about our plan"

    As part of Xbox Head Phil Spencer's interview with IGN on the company's podcast yesterday, he talked about the potential price of the Xbox Series X. While Spencer refrained from giving a specific figure for now, he noted he "feels good" about the price target in mind. "You have to set a price...

  • News Xbox Head Phil Spencer Reveals How He Felt After Watching PS5 Deep Dive

    Part of an hour-long interview

    In a revealing hour-long podcast interview with IGN last night, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer weighed in on an array of topics relating to Xbox Series X. At the 15-minute mark of the interview, host Ryan McCaffrey questioned how Spencer reacted to the infamous PS5 deep dive last month. "I felt really good about how...

  • Guide When Will The Xbox Spring Sale 2020 Be Revealed?

    Update: It's now live!

    Update: (Fri 3rd Apr, 2020 10:25 BST): The Xbox Spring Sale 2020 is now live! Head to our Spring Sale roundup for a look at some of the best deals. Original Story: (Wed 1st Apr, 2020 12:00 BST): The Microsoft Store Spring Sale is almost upon us, during which a significant number of Xbox digital titles are expected to be...

  • News These Are The Titles Leaving Xbox Game Pass This Month

    Play 'em while you still can

    Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass service offers some amazing value. As long as you're signed up, you can play a huge library of games for a single fee. About the only downside is that games eventually leave the service after a certain period of time. With that in mind, the console games being removed this month on 15th April...