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    Xbox One

    Review Battleborn

    Not Today, Geoff...

    Battleborn is - as you probably already know and as the box art trumpets - is from Gearbox, the same people who made Borderlands. The question is, can this new game make the same kind of splash that Borderlands did? Mixing seemingly disparate elements from the world of FPS, RPG and MOBA, does it blend into a delicious smoothie,...


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    Xbox One

    Review Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

    It's what's on the inside that counts

    When Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel released back in October for last-generation consoles only, pretty much anyone and everyone with any understanding of this industry suspected it wouldn't be long before it found its way onto Xbox One. Sure enough, about 5 months later, it's shown up where we expected it to and...