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    Xbox One

    Review Grand Prix Rock 'n Racing

    The Pits

    Fast forward seven months from EnjoyUp's first Xbox One release – the dire Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX - and the developer is back again with a slightly more ambitious title. Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing is another almost-top-down racer, but this time we're looking at F1-style cars racing around much larger tracks with a helicopter-based...


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    Xbox One

    Review Unepic

    Legend of Zera

    There is a trend of older games being ported to the Xbox One at the moment and it's offering Xbox gamers an opportunity to try titles they may have missed on the PC or Wii U. Unepic is the latest in line and is surprisingly deep, considering it was largely developed by one man in his spare time. It's a role-playing platformer with a...


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    Xbox One

    Review Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX


    It's been way too long since the incredible Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off-Road was released. Since the game's debut in 1989, nothing has come remotely close to improving on the mix of sandy arcade vehicle jumping fun, so when we heard that a game with a similar feel - Rock 'N Racing Off-Road DX - was coming to Xbox One, we sat up and...