• News Bungie Shares Halo x Destiny Boxart To Celebrate Its 30th Anniversary

    And it's 20 years for Halo!

    Bungie the original development team behind the Halo series is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary. As part of this, it's been sharing its history with the assistance of its latest release, Destiny 2. Perhaps the highlight of the lot for Halo and Xbox fans is a recreation of the original Halo: Combat Evolved box...





  • News Halo Co-Creator Shares Footage Of Prototype Build From 2000

    Weapons, models and more...

    Over the past week, the co-creator of the Halo universe, Marcus Lehto, has dug up some of his "old" Halo 2000 PC footage and shared it on social media. He started off with a look at the Covenant weapon prototypes - one of the highlights is the "microwave gun" - with Marcus himself noting how hilarious it would have been...






  • News Bungie's Halo Archive Is Finally Going Offline This February

    Last chance to save your stats and files

    It's the end of an era, folks! Bungie has announced that it will officially be shutting down its Halo website on February 9th, removing a selection of stats and files from those original Halo games in the process. In a message as part of a regular update, Bungie revealed the news: "Almost nine years ago,...



  • News Can You Believe It? Halo 2 Is Now 16 Years Old

    Time flies when you're saving humanity

    Just before the launch of the Xbox Series X|S this week, Halo 2 actually celebrated its 16th anniversary. Yep, when Bungie's second game landed on the original Xbox in 2004, it was the first Halo title on the system to allow players to take the fight online, play as the Arbiter and even dual-wield. The story...





  • News Activision Confirms Next Destiny Game is in Development

    Tell me you didn't just say that!

    In a speech during today's Activision Blizzard conference, an interesting and (to some) infuriating bit of news was revealed. It appears that Destiny 2 is in the earliest stages of development already. Speaking to a crowd of shareholders, media and the like, President of Activision and CEO of Publishing Eric...


  • News Destiny: How to Find The Magic Cave

    Fair play?

    Here at Pure Xbox we believe in fair play, a level field, fun, and the like. Therefore if a significant method of obtaining loot is available and being made use of by some, we believe that all Guardians should at least know where it is, and how to get there. Without further ado, here are simple steps that will bring you to Destiny's...

  • News Destiny's Level Cap Broken Down

    Raise the bar higher!

    A mere few days ago we were treated to the latest endeavour by Bungie Studios. We were provided with our Destiny. Many of us likely went tumbling in with friends head over heels, not knowing what exactly was in store. The game is more difficult than what we experienced in Beta play, where an unfortunate level cap of 8 was...