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Mon 26th Jan 2009

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shingi_70 commented on Review: Halo 5: Guardians (Xbox One):

3 missions into the campgian so far on Heroic and I like it, probably could do with more experimentation in the story mode but I like it so far. Shame about no spartan ops or single player DLC.

Played my first Warzone match this morning and it is so so good.



shingi_70 commented on Xbox Music Now Integrates with OneDrive:

I'm getting all my Google Play music I've accumulated since 2011 and downloading it too put on to Onedrive. It seems like it would be smart to have two Back ups for my music collection one in Google and the other in One drive.



shingi_70 commented on Phil Spencer: Commited To Console:

Spencer is saying that your going too get certain experiences that make sense for the console, others for the PC, while a few will intersect. I don't expect Halo, Gears, or most of Rare's output to go on PC because it doesn't make sense for cross-play and people will buy systems for Rare systems. Likewise I don't expect too see Shadowrun, Freelancer, Mechwarrior, and Age of on the Xbox.

But games like Fable and KI make a lot of sense for cross platform and cross buy games. My guess is come E3 the main show will be console focused and than another show afterward that shows new pc games.



shingi_70 commented on New Killer Instinct Trailer Shows Off Omen, Te...:

Watched the Omen gameplay that was shown off at the Frosty event, and he plays just differently enough to Jango to make him intrestingly. Golem looks cool and I need a third character to main so it might be him.

I wonder what's the plan for season 3? I'm hoping they add in guest charcaters and finally a proper story mode.



shingi_70 commented on Forza Motorsport 6 Confirmed for Xbox One:

Wait Major Nelson was at the Auto Show. I was off yesterday and live in Detroit.

I'm captiously optimistic. I just started playing Forza 5 and while its fun the Career mode isn't as good as the one in Forza 3/4.



shingi_70 commented on Killer Instinct Season 2 Owners Will Receive B...:

Nice, sucks about not having a story mode, but Iron Galaxy has said they will try to update the game to give season 1 characters stories for season 2.

I'm hoping for season 3 we get a more normal story mode even if its just a visual novel like the Blazblu games.



shingi_70 commented on Feature: Game of the Year - Staff Lists:

My top 10 list for the year.

1.Dragon Age
2. The Wolf Among Us
3. Shovel Knight
4. Watch_dogs
5. MLB 15
6. Tomb Raider DE
7. Super Smash Bros for Wii U
8. Killer Instinct
9. Pier Solar HD
10. The Banner Saga



shingi_70 commented on Review: Sixty Second Shooter Prime (Xbox One):

I would have given it a 7 or 8. The game isn't feature rich but it doesn't have to be. Its a great quick pick up and play title for $5. I've been playing it for about two hours since I got home from work.



shingi_70 commented on A Release Date for Fable Anniversary is Here:

I'm going to pick this up on Day 1. The 2nd and third game are two of my favorite on the Platform and one of the few WRPG series I could get into. I owned the first game after downloading the xbox classic version to my 360 but I usually only get halfway through.

Febeuaury should be a good month for RPG fans between this and Braverly Default.