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Mon 26th January, 2009

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shingi_70 commented on Review: Sixty Second Shooter Prime (Xbox One):

I would have given it a 7 or 8. The game isn't feature rich but it doesn't have to be. Its a great quick pick up and play title for $5. I've been playing it for about two hours since I got home from work.



shingi_70 commented on A Release Date for Fable Anniversary is Here:

I'm going to pick this up on Day 1. The 2nd and third game are two of my favorite on the Platform and one of the few WRPG series I could get into. I owned the first game after downloading the xbox classic version to my 360 but I usually only get halfway through.

Febeuaury should be a good month for RPG fans between this and Braverly Default.



shingi_70 commented on Xbox One Release Date Confirmed:

Total lack of fanfare. Was hoping something much more substantial to go along with the date. Maybe an overview of the systems OS or more info on games.



shingi_70 commented on E3 2013: Mattrick Digs A Hole:


They need to backtrack. Ignoring the price with the DRM stuff the Xbone is the better system from the software we've seen.

backtrack on that DRM and i'm their day one. Keep it and i'm sometime next year when Halo comes out.



shingi_70 commented on Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Is A New Beginning:

Looks horrible and they're going to lose more ground to fifa by not having a next gen version.

The most odd thing is that konmai didn't capitalize and release this for Wii U/3DS where they could carve out a niche due to no EA sports games this year.



shingi_70 commented on Fable HD Teased for Xbox 360:

Nice it would be awesome to have every game game in the series without having to go into Xbox 1 mode to play them. I'm thinking were going to see a lot of this for the 360 at E3,

Fable HD
Halo 2 HD

Edit: It also says a lot about people's predisposition to hate when they don't even watch the whole teaser to see its for 360 not one, or complaining Microsoft like Nintendo rebuilds the game from ground up instead of HD remasters like Sony.



shingi_70 commented on Friday Five: The Five Things That Microsoft HA...:

I would have put show 360 one more year. I'm guessing E3 confrence will be cut like this.

Xbox One games shown
Xbox One Dashboard UI/Smartglass/Xbox Live 3.0 shown
xbox 360 swan song (summer of arcade, Halo 2 remake, PGR5)

Crazy were only 10 days away from letting the flood gates poor out.