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Mon 21st Mar 2016

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scoobyzelda commented on E3 2016: Xbox One S Details, Image Leaks Ahead...:

I hate white, I bought every console at launch or around that launch frame window, started w/my dad picked up 2 N.E.S's at release one for him, other for me, he probably throught 'This would be a great bonding item (father & son)'

Other than that i don't care for 4K but w/e.



scoobyzelda commented on Project Spark Set to Close:

@EternalDragonX SO it doesn't necessary make it a game, PS was in the 'games store' because it was a creation tool TO make your own games, Minecraft and Disney infinity were in the 'games store' to spark creativity. Disney fantasia was in the ' Game store' because it allowed you to be a conductor and to make music within the musical scores.