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Fri 8th Mar 2013

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guest37 commented on Talking Point: The Cost of Play - Are Games To...:

i base quality of a game on difficulty. hard games are annoying for the average gamer. difficulty and angry video game nerd's #1 pet peeve: gameplay/control. nightmarish games like winter games by epyx on the NES or the entire library of LJN games on the NES which have bad control, stupid gameplay mechanics, bad storyline, and "what were they thinking?!" type of overall design



guest37 commented on Confirmed: Castle of Illusion Coming to XBLA:

awesome! first ducktales hd remastered and now castle of illusion! i remember playing this in 1990 at a friend's house on the sega genesis. the graphics and music and the gameplay/control were great. tight spot on and lots of fun.