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Thu 31st Mar 2011

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davahsa commented on Talking Point: Used Games and Durango - An Adv...:

Good luck with this new site! I like how you make a counterpoint about your previous me reason to keep checking back. My thoughts? I DEF don't see used games being blocked. They could even charge you to unlock certain content and some probably will. The really important point that goes unsaid is that "if" we were to see a block on used games for the nextbox, than we should be able to trade or sell them within xbox live



davahsa commented on Video Proof That Kids Love Kinect:

Kids do love Kinect and mine are no exception. All game platforms mature in time......gotta crawl before you can walk! It wasn't that long ago when the hardcore fps player proclaimed that the mouse and keyboard were the only way to play.



davahsa commented on Talking Point: What Was Your Kinect Moment of ...:

Total voice control! It is very surprising that the media and the fans are soo perplexed as to why/how Mass Effect voice support is only on kinect. Most people don't understand that this level of voice recognition has not been accomplished in a game before. Mass Effect is the biggest/boldest game out there for this possibility and if they make this work and work well-it's totally awesome. Even though most people do not understand the technology and think that this could be easily replicated with any-ol' mic, it's not that simple! If this works the way we hope/imagine, all games will implement voice in the future and that will be awesome! The Bing search demo showed that this just might be a reality! If I want to watch that e3 press conference again I would say"xbox,bing,microsoft e3 press conference youtube video. . .play" how cool is that?



davahsa commented on Rumour: The Sims: Unleashed to Feature Kinect ...:

let the pre e3 hyper boil begin! MS said 10 unannounced games right? So far we have:
2-ghost recon
3-zero person shooter
4-kinect googly eyes
5-kinect fun lab
6-kinect sports 2
7-dance central 2
8-ubisoft sequels
9-lionhead game
10-kinect gears of war
With all these leaks and Kinect Skype inevitable. . . I hope we are surprised by a thing or 2. Waiting for e3 is getting as painful as ever



davahsa commented on Talking Point: What Should Microsoft Do With K...:

You nailed it! Journalists are core gamers. They need to be blown away by actually stepping up to and experiencing a good/great core Kinect game. . . anything in addition is just icing on the cake but if this does not happen. . . Kinect will be a casual affair this generation.



davahsa commented on Talking Point: Game Shows That Would Work on K...:

Awesome! Richard O'Brien is awesome and I just watched one of the shows on Youtube. This would lend it's self to Kinect rather well. Thanks James. Gonna check the Cube as well. . . Perfect! We have a show called "Minute to win it." It's similar and pretty good but the Cube is a perfect fit for Kinect. Given that it limits the play space by actually placing the player in the Cube-it's quite fitting. All these games would be great but now even I am starting to get impatient for something that is beyond the scope of mini-games. Mini games have soo much potential on Kinect and I'm sure we will see a ton of them. Hopefully E3 will showcase something a bit more involved. (fingers crossed)



davahsa commented on Talking Point: Game Shows That Would Work on K...:

Thats cool-maybe you could tell us yanks about the Cube and Crystal Maze. Running Man was a 1980's Arnold Schwarzenegger movie about criminals who were used in a game show as contestants. If they won they would get there freedom and if they lost. . . well losing was dieing at the hands of these super gladiators, known as stalkers, who hunted down the contestants with chainsaws and over the top personalities. This concept has been done a million times over but Running Man holds a lot of fond memories for me. It is probably very cheesy by today's standards but when it came out it was quite violent. Both of these aspects would lend themselves to a game well. Here is a trailer:



davahsa commented on Talking Point: What Would You Want in Kinect S...:

My family and I play almost nightly and I agree with the boxing comments- you should be able to move! Also-we would love to have the option to see the score card at the end of a game of bowling. When all four players are busy running around during a game (normal at my house!) you don't get the chance to look over the scorecard for more than 3 seconds. . . boo! BTW-keep up the good work Rare!



davahsa commented on Talking Point: Are Small Games Kinect's Future?:

I think E3 will set the record straight. One things for Christmas 2011 there will be a general consensus about what you should expect from Kinect. . . Fitness/dance games, mini games and or core games. There will need to be a at least a couple of AAA core games that come out (that are fun-and work!) this year for the Kinect to win over the fan boys. . . otherwise it will be a long haul. Kinda like when Sony showed Final Fantasy 2 years before the PS3. It took them a long time to get where they are at. If RROD never happened than the PS3 would have sold like the Gamecube. In turn-the Kinect could get labeled as a casual device that core gamers will choose a Move controller over a Kinect causing Kinect to be stereo typed as casual only for a couple of years. . . till eventually those AAA games trickle out. Hopefully we don't have to wait for Kinect 2 to get our fix. I'm holding out hope that Steel Battalion will be one of these games



davahsa commented on Out Today: Friday 8th April 2011 (Europe):

I have this game. My 3 5 and 7 yr. old boys love it. My wife and I think this is a fun drinking game but even with 20 games almost all of them get old real fast for adults. Also there are games where you are to throw a ball (like at milk bottles or at a target on a dunk tank) and they require that you make a throwing motion at a specific time and they are highly dissapointing because they require no accuracy. All in all its good for kids and can be amusing for (drunk) adults. If you are looking for a new level of accuracy or don't have kids-the games get old fast so rent first! There is a game where you swing a baseball bat in a batting cage that works even while you hold an object-I found this very cool but it still got old after a bit. . . much better if you have another adult and your both drunk



davahsa commented on Kinect's Potential is "Virtually Limitless" sa...:

the shear potential is mindblowing. You got money and I'll make you rich for ideas I have for Kinect. "Entertain Me!" . . . thats a good one. Im a kinect enthusiast because of whats to come. Example: Web browsing with voice