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WayneDavies89 commented on WB Games Own Magazine Leaks Batman: Return to ...:

@BAMozzy Origins is part of the Arkham "canon" and even Rocksteady say so with multiple references in Knight. All 4 Arkham games had 2 year gaps, so its hardly a cash-in, it was just poorly developed by an inexperienced team at Warner Bros. Games Montréal. Having it in this collection would have been a great opportunity to clean up - what is for the most part - a great game.

As @Anthinator said, Origins had an awesome story and some great boss fights. Honestly, being a hardcore Batman fan, Origins had a better story than most of Arkham Knight - excluding the Joker in Batman's head plot-line, which was amazing.



WayneDavies89 commented on Next Assassin's Creed Confirmed for 2017 Release:

@stylon I'm a big AC fan myself, so I full understand your disappointment, but something had to give sooner the later.

At this point I think the annual releases were starting to hold the series back from being much more and this little break should do wonders for the franchises.

I do agree they need to remaster Rogue!



WayneDavies89 commented on Review: Star Wars: Battlefront (Xbox One):

Great review Dave.

I've been looking forward to this one, but I think I'm gonna hold off on Battlefront till early 2016. DICE make very fun shooters, but haven't had the best track record when it comes to balancing and servers at launch.



WayneDavies89 commented on Rainbow Six: Siege Delayed:

@KelticDevil It's possible. The two "biggest" games out in October are Halo 5 and AC Syndicate, so they might have moved to avoid conflict with them. Now, Siege with be competing with Just Cause 3 on Dec 1st.

Regardless, I'm happy with the date change as it will give more time to polish and tweak the game based on feedback from the September Beta.



WayneDavies89 commented on Even on Xbox 360, Metal Gear Solid V Still Loo...:

@ElkinFencer10 The focus pull effects are every stylistic, but its a practical optical effect as well.

The eye tends to respond and focus on the clearest part of the image first at a fast rate than it would to process the depth of a 2D image and focus accordingly.

Look at the same background point in the images above and compare how quick you feel your focus.

Every cool trickery!



WayneDavies89 commented on Uh Oh, Deep Silver Drops Dead Island 2 Developer:

So I guess the creative direction Yager was heading in wasn't in line with what Deep Silver wanted.

The Dead Island franchise functions as a parody of the zombie genre, so maybe Yager were giving it a Spec ops twist and made it too dark?



WayneDavies89 commented on E3 2015: 40 Minutes Of Metal Gear Solid V: The...:

@KelticDevil Mass Effect happened because EA bought Bioware and Microsoft relinquish their publishing rights in the deal.

Regardless of who owns what licences and publishing rights, its more complicated than just a Blu-ray drive. Not only would Konami have to put the time and money into porting it away from Cell, but they would have to completely re-build and/or cut bits of the game that have strong ties with Sony and PlayStation. It's a lot of work and Konami being Konami, they just won't do it. Doesn't matter what Kojima said, Konami has firmly said it won't.

At the end of the day and in an ideal world, its up to Konami and they chose their side with MGS4.



WayneDavies89 commented on E3 2015: 40 Minutes Of Metal Gear Solid V: The...:

@KelticDevil Its not gonna happen and if by some miracle it does, it won't be any time soon.

Ignoring the fact it was build for PS3 Cell architecture, which is why it wont be on PS4 (on disk anyway), it's still a Sony exclusive title and they have a say.
The day MGS4 comes to Xbox is the day Microsoft lets PS4 have the next Halo or lets Rise of the Tomb Raider release on all Platforms at the same time. Just won't happen



WayneDavies89 commented on Review: Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty! (Xbox One):

Love this game! Great for long play sessions or get through a couple of areas short bursts. Controls can be a bit of pain when skid into an electric wall or over shoot a jump you think you'll nail, but its just fun!
Great for both nostalgic fans and newcomers!

Awesome review Tyler!



WayneDavies89 commented on Review: Battlefield: Hardline (Xbox One):

After playing it, I decided I'm gonna let it collect dust for for a few months.
At launch, Hardline felt like an expand-alone DLC pack for BF4. The server issues that haunted BF4 at launch are mostly fixed, but some of the classes are once again too overpowered in certain situations.

Hardline MP has a lot of potential if they fully embrace the cops and robbers theme, which I hope will be fulfilled once a couple of DLC's and balancing tweaks have been released.



WayneDavies89 commented on Review: Destiny (Xbox One):

Great review @DRL

As long as new content and updates are added, I can see Destiny lasting a while. Personally, I hope a more typical MMO features are introduced, such as the ability to trade items and Guild Banks, so clans, fire teams and strangers can all share and trade items!. There is nothing worse in Destiny than finishing a raid after 30 minutes of action and randomly rewarded with gear that your class can't use.