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First Order pilot and member of the Black Valkyries Tie Squadron. Call sign: Revolution (Valkyrie 2). Right wingmate of Countess Ravenna. Prefers Tie Fighters to Tie Interceptors. Reads a lot of shoujo manga. Loves to draw. Has a secret crush on Captain Phasma.

Tue 3rd Feb 2015

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Utena-mobile commented on Backward Compatibility Spikes Black Ops Physic...:

I think this says a few things about gamers. I think there are a lot more gamers out there who sell their games and console for the newest model than we think. Also, it shows that there are still a lot of gamers who prefer physical over digital media.

as for V-Rally 97: Championship Edition, maybe someone out there is trying to start a tournament? Or they're using it for some school project? Or for a gift bag for a party? I mean, if you're selling absolutely nothing and then somebody buys a bunch of games, the sales increase percentage could become astronomical.



Utena-mobile commented on Feature: 10 Oddities That Found a Home on Xbox:

some of these games are disgusting. gross.

Steel Battalion sounds kind of interesting though. That permadeath sounds crazy. I wonder if any game company would be audacious enough these days to delete memory files.



Utena-mobile commented on The BC List: Issue 4 - Froggy Faery Fighting F...:

MS has finally figured out how to do multi-disc games!!! I'm so excited! I can't wait for Final Fantasy XIII, Lost Odyssey, Last Remnant, Star Ocean etc etc.

We're going to start getting jrpgs. (^_^ )/
(and Experience announced they're going to do an XboxOne jrpg too).



Utena-mobile commented on Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim DLC Free Play ...:

Nice!!! time to get a higher gamer score!! If you see a girl stormtrooper committing suicide over and over again in tie fighters, then it's probably me.
(^_^ )/

btw, I'm calling it right now. the 4th dlc pack will have Star Wars Rogue One characters. That's what the "surprise" will be.



Utena-mobile commented on ​Editor's Opinion: The Search for Honest Gam...:

Also, another reason why number ratings should go away: Most of us already have an idea if we're going to like a game or not before we even buy the game. We mostly just read the reviews to reconfirm our conclusions that we've made from all the trailers and pre-release articles we've already read.

so we agree with the reviews that mirror our opinion, and hate the reviews that don't.



Utena-mobile commented on ​Editor's Opinion: The Search for Honest Gam...:

@Gamer83 it's better to take reviewers on a case-by-case situation, although I feel like some websites tend to attract certain types of reviewers.

btw, I totally get your frustration with Street Fighter. I had a similar experience too (it was actually the reason why I started commenting on websites). When Silent Hill HD collection came out many many reviewers were giving it good reviews. And the few that were a bit more critical (but still gave it passing reviews) never mentioned anything about the glitches, missing assets, audio cut-outs, missing effects etc. I think maybe I read only 2 or 3 that brought these issues to light.

But then fans started complaining on forums and comments. THEN reviewers started coming out, talking about those issues. But it was a long time coming. That was probably the first time I started doubting reviews (and I used to be a die-hard Nintendo Power reader).



Utena-mobile commented on Xbox One's My Games and Apps UI Set to Change?:

@Vincent294 @A_BabyRed_Yoshi well, I can see them and take them. But I can't save them (so they self delete eventually) and I can't upload to onedrive or save on my feed, and they don't appear on my profile. And when I do have gold, the screenshots I took when I didn't still keep those same restrictions. So I have to take new screenshots. (T-T )

but I'm getting gold next wednesday, so i'll be ok. (^_^ )



Utena-mobile commented on Microsoft to Highlight Indie Games in May "Gam...:

There are some really good games here definitely worth picking up. I never liked indie games much before, but since there are so few AAA games I'm interested in, I've started giving more of them a try and there are a few I really really like.



Utena-mobile commented on ​Editor's Opinion: The Search for Honest Gam...:

First of all, I have to say, thank you for not being snarky or snipey, or putting in swear words to make yourself sound "cool" and "edgy."
I don't like swear words irl, and I definitely don't want to read swear words in my articles about games. Something like "X game is f-ing bad" doesn't tell me that the game is bad. It tells me that the reviewer thinks so highly of themselves that they're ok with letting their emotion dictate their opinion, and that their readers will follow suit. I won't mention any sites that do this, but I'm sure we can all think of at least one.

as for review scores, I get that they're opinions. Which is why I would love to see reviewers put on their profiles what kind of games they like. I adore JRPGs, and I'm much more likely going to pay attention if someone who also loves JRPGs gives a game a 5, over someone who loves Call of Duty who gives a game a 5.



Utena-mobile commented on Xbox One's My Games and Apps UI Set to Change?:

yeah, I don't like the store very much. It's kind of hard to see sales and there's been a few I've missed out on because for some reason MS rarely lists dlc that go on sale (which I've stumbled upon my accident).

But more importantly, MS. How come we can't save our screenshots to a usb drive?



Utena-mobile commented on Deals With Gold: Over 80 Discounts Take the Stage:

wow. what a sale! I don't know what to get. Maybe Alan Wake? I still need to get Tomb Raider, but I would rather have a physical copy.

@joey302 also, I think generally speaking, both MS and Sony tend to have better sales than Nintendo. Unless you're talking about Atlus games. Atlus games are always on sale at the Nintendo store (or practically always).



Utena-mobile commented on Dark Souls Based Board Game Obliterates Kickst...:

OmG!!! I want this so badly! Argh! This is like watching the Louis Vuitton/Lightning commercials. So cool, but what are the chances I'll ever own one? (T-T )

Actually, I think my chances of owning this game are much better (and much cheaper) than anything Louis Vuitton.

And did you know that Bloodborne is also getting a card game? I was hoping it would be a collectible card game like Yugioh or Pokemon, but I think it's going to be closer to a board game than not. Still cool though.



Utena-mobile commented on Review: Dark Souls III (Xbox One):

@DRL yeah, I think so. King's Field is a really old game. But it has all of the Souls staples we take for granted, so I'm thinking Miyazaki did a soft reboot on the mechanics and perfected it.

It has a button scheme similar to Souls games, every time you swing your weapon you use stamina. NPC's that are pretty obscure, and while helpful, seem content in giving you the story in bits and pieces. World design that loops around and feeds back into itself with lots of areas to explore and shortcuts to unlock. Super tough enemies.

It's like, if Dark Souls 1-3 were Super Mario 3d World, then King's Field is like the NES Mario.



Utena-mobile commented on Former Japanese Xbox One Exclusive Psycho-Pass...:

@flameboy84 What would really help is if Microsoft offered some sort of incentive for Japanese developers to publish on Xbox. Like, what if MS had a localization team (like Nintendo Treehouse only better, and not so draconian) and said, hey, if you publish your game on Xbox, we'll help you translate it into english. Then you can decide to release it in the west either digitally or physically and we both profit!



Utena-mobile commented on Review: Dark Souls III (Xbox One):

Keep your shield up, except when you don't need to.

A long time ago I managed to find a copy of King's Field 2. It plays exactly like an old retro prototrype of Demon's Souls, which is a precursor to Dark Souls, which is the inspiration to Bloodborne, which is all finally brought together in Dark Souls 3. It's kind of fun to see how far From Software has come in perfecting their gameplay and world design.



Utena-mobile commented on Former Japanese Xbox One Exclusive Psycho-Pass...:

nyoooooo!! This really sucks. I know that visual novels don't really have a presence in the west, but that's sort of changing with steam. And I think it's sort of unfair for Xbox owners to say there isn't any room for variety in lesser known niche games. It's not up to the publishers to create a room for niche games. It should be on Microsoft's shoulders to encourage that variety with the understanding that it takes time to build any sort of following.

If Xbox was "the" console to get for visual novels as well as everything else, you can be sure that visual novel fans will buy it, and that the games will do reasonably well on there.



Utena-mobile commented on Rumour: FCC Listing Hints at New Xbox One Mode...:

@BAMozzy I'm never a day 1 owner of anything (mostly because I'm terrible at saving money), but I also would not like to see a 1.5 console, or a console gen shorter than 5-6 years.

But I don't think that's what's going to happen. I think this points to both an "elite" version and a "slim" version.