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Mon 6th Apr 2009

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Ravage commented on One Hacked Kinect has Amazing Results, But Two...:

The applications for 2 Kinects could be astounding, but I imagine that putting the two images together would not be easy. Once someone does it though, we will have true videos with depth. In other words, 3-D applications.



Ravage commented on Kinect Now Offering Augmented Reality Lightsab...:

Fairly basic still, seems that something funky will happen if he tilts the end toward himself. However, there are probably plenty of shortcuts they could use to calculate this once they get all of the dimensional functions worked out. That should eliminate the lag we're seeing.



Ravage commented on Review: MotionSports (Xbox 360):

And here I though the game was called MotorSports!
Knowing the name and what this game actually is, I'm not surprised at the score at all. Good review.



Ravage commented on Talking Point: What Future Features Do You Wan...:

Yeah, some better games comes first in my opinion. And if you want to talk about features, how about something actually game related for our Gold subscriptions. I mean, whatever happened to that 1 Vs 100 thing; I thought the idea was a great one! Something that you can actually play and isn't a movie, etc.
Sure, Netflix is nice, but if you still have to pay for it, where is the value there?
Facebook and Twitter, what? I don't know.
Zune Marketplace is a nice idea similar to Netflix, but again, what is my membership paying for?
And that is about it, we can't even choose to browse the internet at all. It would be nice if we had a browser with flash support and DivX playback.



Ravage commented on Kinect on PC Offers Multi-Touch Inputs:

It is going to be tougher to make Kinect work where you don't have a very limited number of buttons and such. For now, I am just going to go watch Minority Report again



Ravage commented on Kinect is Better Than a New Console, says THQ:

I must admit that it is good that console makers aren't trying to out-do one another by creating a new console every few years. The variety for the consumer is good too, but flooding the market with party games and sports/workout games is not the variety people are looking for in the long-term.