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I speak fluent Swankee because I am Swetarded. I play games for fun and herd cats for a living. Supporter of Unicorn. I've got too much time on my hands.

Tue 27th May 2014

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PeTitosaurus commented on Disney Can't Hold Back Frozen Free Fall: Snowb...:

@stylon I had this on my iPad and fought my way through it without paying a cent (I have a thing about battling through games that is clearly designed to tease microtransactions). I stopped as I finished all the winter levels, but as I understand it they've added summer levels and whatnot now. There's a well thought out algorithm behind those games (which I hate). I bet that if your wife puts the game down for a week or so, she'll have an easier time finish a level she can't pass now.



PeTitosaurus commented on pX Asks: What's Your Favourite Open World of A...:

@KelticDevil For me, I think, it's about the package - it's one of the few games offering a complete experience. Everything put together makes it memorable. Strip away the story lines, the characters, the amazing dialogue and the world design of the game and, yes, the roaming would probably seem same-y and pointless. But because of all those other aspects just coming together so well, I remember loading the game just to ride around, kill bears and chill after a long day at work. For me it was always about the atmosphere rather than the actual content outside of the main campaign...if that makes sense, heh.



PeTitosaurus commented on Deals With Gold Offers Half Price Fitness, Qui...:

Ohhh. Sherlock! That's actually a quite decent game if you've got the money to spend. No revolution in the graphics department, clunky overacted characters and a couple of glitchy hiccups here and there. But the crime puzzles are well designed and you go about it in a way that feels new and like you're actually solving the puzzles all on your own – no handholding from the game.



PeTitosaurus commented on Ultimate Game Sale Goes Live: All The Deals Here:

@IXx_Smoke_xXI No one's forcing you to buy anything. If you've already got all the games you want or know someone who can cut you a better deal than what's presented above, then that's good for you. Some of us have already cashed in on one or two of the deals mentioned above and we're quite happy about that, no need to be a party pooper.
Also, we fact check what we write. So rest assured that we won't be lying in our articles.



PeTitosaurus commented on Telltale's Game of Thrones Fails To Read Save ...:

@HEADESTROYER4 I did. But made sure to play on 'Save 1' as I had only started Save 2 and not really made any kinds of decisions on that one. Deleted Save 2 for my second play of Episode One (overwriting Save 1) and once that was done, directly continued on the same save to Episode Two. Even though it did help with some parts, it still ignored some decisions I had made (see my forum thread:



PeTitosaurus commented on Review: Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV S...:

@PokeMario Yeah, it probably won't harm them much as it's pretty much up to the parents/adults to buy it or not. However, personally I feel like there's a big gap between age restrictions and parental vs publisher responsibilities - the three don't seem to care much for each other. I seriously doubt that this game would be the most harmful game for minors to play, but maybe that's just proof that the age restrictions need some work, publishers/developers need to be more aware so that they're not encouraging people buying something that might not be meant for them.

In Sweden, for example, the age restrictions are law. If you sell games or movie tickets to someone younger you'll be fined and maybe even jailed.

Very PC of me, lol. But I find the whole thing interesting.



PeTitosaurus commented on Check Out a New Mode and Monster in the Upcomi...:

Woohoo! Evolve was such a weird experience for me personally. I never felt like it was ever the best game experience or most promising experience either, when playing during the Big Alpha. I did enjoy it, but didn't feel it was anything too special. And still I had withdrawal symptoms once the Alpha was over.

(Daisy come back!!)



PeTitosaurus commented on Feature: Pure Xbox's Top 5 Most Wanted Games o...:

@DRL @EternalDragonX And to be fair, Far Cry 4 is preeeeeeetty sweet. As are their "indie titles" Child of Light and Valiant Hearts. And previous Tom Clancy games have been pretty solid, even though they're not up my personal alley. So far, the presented Ubi titles LOOK interesting. Remains to see if they are, but they've grabbed our attention.

I think people need to start looking at titles in general, rather than publisher, or at least look to the head studio. Different studios do different games for the same publisher. End results vary. Even within the same studio, different teams work on different titles (ex: AC Blackflag and AC Unity). It's complicated.

Anyhow, I'm mostly looking forward to see where the smaller titles such as SUPERHOT will go. That really caught my attention. And just like you, Tyler, Ori!! Oh, and Tomb Raider. Will be interesting to follow were it all leads and what is in store for it.



PeTitosaurus commented on Review: Threes! (Xbox One):

@stylon Happy to read this! I was obsessed with this as an iOS game. So when it popped over to Xbox, it was a must try and like I say in the review, it transferred really well.

Best score is 27708, which I've yet to beat on the Xbox.

@renatto it really is, isn't it?! Just one more go turns into 50 more gos.



PeTitosaurus commented on Alien Isolation 2 On The Cards?:

While A:I feels, looks and plays a lot better than previous attempts to fit the franchise into a game format, I'm unsure about a sequel. I didn't really feel like the story was solid or motivated all the way. And I honestly found that the story missions were way too repetitive for my taste. IF there is a sequel, I hope that at least the mission design will be polished and mixed up a little.

The sound design was brilliant and very effective and the environments true to its source and for those reasons, a sequel would be interesting. I just hope they know what they're doing and won't be repeating the same mistakes the production companies for the films made (not knowing when to stop, not knowing what's too much and just spiralling away from what made the original movies so good).



PeTitosaurus commented on New King's Quest Confirmed for Xbox One:

I played King's Quest VI as a toddler, before I could even speak English. It's one of my most vivid childhood memories. Would love to go back and play it today in order to get all the puns.

But I have to say I'm not thrilled by the look of this one. It just... no, I don't get it.



PeTitosaurus commented on Year One: Sunset Overdrive Free For Everyone O...:

@Incrediblebraig That's a shame. Well, if you're finding yourself drawn to it, there are plenty of people streaming it on Twitch at the moment and some good reviews out there (especially ours, wiggle eyebrows). Twitch streamers are also usually quite keen on interacting with their audiences, so throw them some questions on the playability when they're live and have them demonstrate it for you.



PeTitosaurus commented on Review: LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Xbox One):

@EternalDragonX This was actually a pleasant surprise. Yes, it is very much still carved out with the classic LEGO game template... however, comparing it to other LEGO games, this feels... hmm... more genuine, if possible. The story is better, the characters are better, everything feels smoother and in general flows better. Like I wrote at the end: "it's definitely showing another side of the franchise that isn't just a tired, cloned cash-cow in a new dress."
Had there been more innovation or new features and additions, the rating would probably been higher. There is a reason why people still buy LEGO games and rate them highly, especially lately when they seem to have figured out the balance between cutscenes and gameplay, characters and environments, as well as the difficulty of puzzles. They've managed to establish a solid base to build on, mechanics wise, while reaching for a wider audience of almost all age groups. It's mindless, carefree, warm and witty fun many can relate to and appreciate, executed in a very solid, bug-free package.

@Emanouel: Nope, still no online co-op. That would definitely be an interesting addition and give the game not only a new dimension, but quite simply a longer playability.



PeTitosaurus commented on Discuss: Share Your Thoughts on the Evolve Big...:

Had a real good time playing this, I dare say even more so than I thought I would (FPS ain't my hing, Titanfall being the exception to the rule). My favourite characters to play ended up being Lazarus the medic and Maggie the trapper, but my favourite character overall has to be Daisy! Adorable!

Anyone else who thought that the Kraken was so much more difficult to take down than the Goliath? Don't think I ever won against a Kraken. It felt really unbalanced even if I understand that there needs to be character progression even for the monster.



PeTitosaurus commented on Fox Delays Hitman Movie 'Agent 47' To Avoid Cr...:

I think that the Hitman franchise isn't big enough to be able to self-promote itself outside gamer circles. Agent 47 isn't in any way as iconic as, say, Lara Croft for example. Even people who doesn't play Tomb Raider knows of Lara Croft. In order to make this even slightly successful, they can't rely on it being based on a game and should solely do marketing in the same way as they would with any other standalone action movie.



PeTitosaurus commented on Five New Titles Available for Preorder and Pre...:

@WINGNUT So you went from just ordering the game to getting the full bundle? That's pretty awesome! If you want to use the forums once you're set up I'd be interested in knowing what you think of it. I've heard some varied stuff but I haven't seen one myself yet (except in photos).



PeTitosaurus commented on Editor's Opinion: Our Resolution Resolution:

Thank you for your feedback and pov's, you guys! We always read comments and appreciate the support as well as the discussions you keep. Keep it up!

Special welcome also to @KillmoreGB, welcome to the site (even though you're already a regular ) and welcome to the community!



PeTitosaurus commented on Alien Isolation Wants to Know How You Will Sur...:

The gameplay footage I've seen and was presented at EGX has some impressive audio design! I'm usually not too into games like this, but I'm currently debating whether or not to make an exception as the intense development and work that's gone into the game seem so very thorough – and I do like a well-made game!



PeTitosaurus commented on New Titanfall: IMC Rising Map Details:

I love this game. I started playing it months after everyone else (probably around the first DLC drop) and keep coming back – with friends or without. We're actually a group of merry pilots who play together every Thursday and at least 2-3 of us stream it. Not that we get a massive audience watching (our channels aren't really big enough, hehe ).

But I never feel like we have issues finding games or that we play against the same bunch of people. It's still very much active.

I do have some concerns since I feel like I've had more stuttering menus and half-frozen screens since the latest update. It's the first time since picking up the game that I've experienced it. But as Respawn seem to have been keeping a close eye on metrics and data collected from games played, I still keep faith in them hopefully also noticing that.



PeTitosaurus commented on Review: Flockers (Xbox One):

@DRL Thank you.

Sadly I can't take full credit for the tagline as I believe it was the name of one of the very first levels. This game is full of puns and I couldn't resist but to snatch one.