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United Kingdom

Fri 3rd Apr 2009

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LEGEND_MARIOID commented on Kinect Destroys Sales Predictions to Rack Up 8...:

We need Kinect to do well to boost this new age of family gaming started by Nintendo. SO this is good news. However. is a shame there isn't any stand-out games REALLY yet. Only really a small handful of essentials.Hopefully the future bodes better eh.



LEGEND_MARIOID commented on Throw Away Your Remotes and Control Your TV wi...:

The lag issues would have to improved considerablysurely?. I was watching Dragon's Den late last year and a wiimote like wand controller was patented for controlling several devices in the home. Lights, curtains, tv, etc etc. I had no buttons it was through gesturing. It was surprisingly accurate. The businessmen dragons all clambered to make offers. So if this worked, it would be great...but the tech needs to be improved.



LEGEND_MARIOID commented on Review: EA Sports Active 2 (Xbox 360):

I like the Wii's first one, though I found the control response with the nunchuck strap a bit imprecise. Also, i found it 10x more faddy than wii fit plus and less fun so I sold it on. This sounds ok, if unspectacular...the Brits and Japaneses have small living room space...

Looks like this and You Shape are the ones to get exercise programme wise.



LEGEND_MARIOID commented on Review: Kinect Sports (Xbox 360):

Cheers for nthe revw. I've been reading the kinectaku's revws with interest to see how worthy it is for us to ever purchase a kinect games system as non-xbox owners. So far, so unimpressed. Only this and Dance Central are the "stand-out" games on the system. Thoroughly underwhelmed. STILL, this sounds good and a real laugh.