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Mon 30th May, 2011

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hydeks commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Far Cry 3: absolutely loving this game so far! :-)
Gears of War Judgement: Just beat 2 and 3, loved them and bought this, hope to get into it soon.
Halo Reach: been playing alot of Living Dead multiplayer lately.



hydeks commented on Feature: These Are The Xbox Games Coming In April:

From all the screens and videos Ive seen and all the interviews, Im actually looking forward to The Amazing Spiderman 2! It looks to be a great game, and besides Batman games, Spiderman games are usually really fun to play. Maybe someday theyll make another great Xmen game, only good xmen games I can think of where xmen legends series, and xmen 2 clone wars for the genesis :-P.



hydeks commented on Games With Gold Unlocks Hitman: Absolution for...:

Sweet! Never played the game, so cant wait to play it :-)

As for the Xbox Live vs PS Plus thing, the only difference I see between them is PS Plus is basicly letting you rent the game as long as you have PS Plus, Xbox Live is letting you have the game, so when the online features of the systems eventually no longer exist, PS people will have abunch of games that dont work while xbox fans will still be able to play theirs. Both services are great in their own ways, but Xbox still has the edge with online multiplayer imho.



hydeks commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@DRL Sega Dreamcast is probably my favourite system, original Xbox and the NES being my other top favs :-)

Gears of War 2/3: Will be finishing off story for 2, then moving onto 3.
Halo Reach/ 4: Playing multiplayer, lots and lots of team slayer!!



hydeks commented on Xbox 360 Titanfall Delayed Until April 8th:

Doesn't bug me much, it's a very small delay, besides what you really want is a Xbox One for this game ;-) Still, I would like to see how well they pull of a360 version of this game.



hydeks commented on Microsoft Has No Plans on Raising Xbox One Pri...:

Yay I noticed the $50 PS4 price hike to $450, and as a Canadian, I think it's complete bullsh*t! I wasn't interested in PS4 to begin with, but making the price of the PS4 go up in Canada is a VERY VERY bad move by Sony, and I noticed my friends that wanted one, are now seeing the Xbox One as a better value.. So now you get the new Kinect and Titanfall for only $50 more, so I guess that means the Xbox One is actually a better value...if your Canadian :-P lol

Ohh, and Sony gets worse: Infamous Second Son their trying to sell for $69.99, while most games are only going up $5 (South Park Stick of Truth was one the first to go to $64.99) and lots of great games still stay at the $59.99, like Titanfall. Soooo....Microsoft cares about their Canadian gamers while Sony has become the money hungry b@sterds...



hydeks commented on Games With Gold Improvements Are in Motion:

Yay I've noticed with gold you get to keep the game but with ps+, you have to continue subscribing to have it. Personally, I like how xbox does it, but I can understand why people would want some newer games, considering they probably played all older stuff :-P

Maybe offer a newer game every 3 months, and only offer that one game that month? You'd get 4 newer games a year, and that seems pretty fair to me.



hydeks commented on You Wish You Had This Titanfall Custom Xbox One:

That's pretty sweet, hopefully we will see some cool limited editions of the X1, just like the 360 had.

Honestly, I would be happy just getting a Xbox one at this point lol I can easily get one at ebgames. ..I just need a lot more cash :-P Till then, I'll keep playing there forza demo lol



hydeks commented on South Park Hits Top Spot in UK:

From what I've seen of the game, it really deserves it! I plan to pick it up next month since im low on funds :-(

Thief I've heard alot of bad things about, and lords of shadow 2 ive heard mix about...maybe wait till lords of shadows2 is cheaper :-)



hydeks commented on What Games Are You Playing This Weekend - Issu...:

TMNT: Out of the Shadows- Yay, that's right,I bought it, it's not too bad but it feels like a complete game that they kinda gave up on, and made into a arcade game :-P

Halo Reach- Team Slayer, lots and lots of team slayer...

Fable 2- I just beat Fable 3, my first Fable game, and I thought it was pretty cool, everyone tells me that the first two are best, so I picked this up for $13 :-)



hydeks commented on Your Xbox One Won't Require Kinect - At All:

very nice! So far, for a guy who owns a Nintendo stuff and a PS3, this Xbox One is really making me consider giving Microsoft another go. I like the fact you don't need to have Kinect plugged in, but it comes with the console still. I also like that they decided to add a headset to the package! Wonder what else their gonna correct before this thing launches? :P



hydeks commented on Microsoft Confirms Gamescom Event for August 20th:

I want Microsoft to show off the other franchises, if possible, but more so I want to hear how they plan to get people to try the new console in store displays and such. Nintendo has done a great job to do this and get Wii U sales up, but I would like Xbox One to do the same thing. I think doing so would make them above Sony.

Also, I would like to see more footage of the games in development and are coming out. We'll see come Gamescom. (which kinda feels like the European E3 to me :) )



hydeks commented on Every Xbox One Can Be Used For Development:

it was game over for the ouya the minute it came out :P

I don't care what anyone says, I think the coming generation, Nintendo and Microsoft deserve gamers money, not Sony, and this is coming from someone who obviously loves Nintendo, and has a PS3 and supported Sony!

The Xbox One, in my opinion, actually makes the PS4 look like crap, unlike what people at pushsquare and the Sony fans keep saying.



hydeks commented on Rumour: Kinect-Free Xbox One Bundles to Launch...:

@glidem agreed, when you read and look at stuff, is PS4's decision to go $100 cheaper and exclude the PS Eye REALLY better than Xbox One's option, in the end? Not really. It took me awhile, but I think Xbox is actually doing the right/ smarter thing, while PS just wants insane amount of sales from naive "hardcore" gamers.

I don't see the Xbox One or PS4 really doing anything potentially new and fresh for consoles with the stagnant controller we've used for YEARS before, but Xbox One seems to be getting the right games, AND giving you everything you need right in the box. PS4 feels like your gonna need to buy the system, than eventually your gonna have to buy that PS Eye eventually anyways.

I also like that Microsoft seems to think Kinect has more potential to give, even though me and alot of other people hate it, there are people out there that love it and it can become something great, if the problems with it are fixed. PS has easily forgotten about their PS Move, which is very sad.



hydeks commented on Rejected Names for Microsoft's First Console R...:

Ohh, not one of those sounds good lol They kinda all sound like abbreviated CPU terms, not really anything that screams "I'm a gaming console". Happy they went with Direct-X Box, and than shortened down to X-Box, way better name.



hydeks commented on Xbox One Will Launch in Japan Next Year:

@MrSRArter I would agree with you on that one, and the 360 didn't do well over there at all. Nintendo and Sony, cause there Japanese companies, rule over there.

I remember reading a article where a executive went over there, and they had a special stand with all their games on it, he asked what the sign said and he answered basicly "American Crap". I have a feeling me and Japanese gamers would get along, cause I hate the amount of shooters Xbox releases also.



hydeks commented on E3 2013: Sony Unveils PS4 Design:

PS4 or Xbox One...I choose...Wii U, it's the nicest looking console so far. I made fun of the One design alot, but I think I like it slightly better than the PS4. I'm not digging the slant, either.



hydeks commented on E3 2013: Xbox Live FREE For 12 Months With Xbo...:

Well holy c**p, it says "day one 2013" on the middle of the controller, just to make it THAT much more ugly :P The XBL Gold package is a nice touch though, but that controller with that in the middle is a joke. Packaging is very black and reminds me alil of the original Xbox packaging, except without all the green.



hydeks commented on E3 2013: Killer Instinct is Back:

Excited over a super dead franchise that Nintendo fans barely care about? Nope, not really. you can have it, I barely cared about Killer Instinct when it was actually something, 17 years ago :P



hydeks commented on E3 2013: Xbox One Price Confirmed by Microsoft:

Too expensive, my money goes to Nintendo and the Wii U. Poor UK gamers have to pay roughly $668 USD for their Xbox Ones?!? Wow, Microsoft, keep digging your own grave. I wonder how much the PS4 is gonna cost, probably the same, except for UK gamers, they would be fools to make it that expensive.