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Mon 30th May, 2011

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hydeks commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Volgarr the Viking (X1): D@mn this game is old school hard! >< So far I made it to world 3 (it only took me dying a lot, and swearing a lot to do so lol), so hopefully I can make it farther this weekend. Every time I play this game, I keep expecting the words "Rise from your grave" and "welcome to your doom!" when I get to a boss :-P lol

Borderlands 2 (360): me and my friend are re-playing it before we get into Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. I absolutely love being a Mechromancer. ^-^

Chariot (X1): very charming platformer, got pretty into it last weekend and will most likely again this weekend.

Sunset Overdrive (X1): only put a little time into this game so far, but I can already tell it will become an addiction for me lol



hydeks commented on Year One: Sunset Overdrive Free For Everyone O...:

awesome deal from Microsoft! Too bad I just bought Sunset yesturday lol

@Incrediblebraig I agree with @PeTitosaurus, that is the best way to see if it's a game for you, but honestly as someone who owns the game, you should definitely buy this game, it's just so much fun!!! :-D (if you like games like ratchet and clank and jet set radio, this is for sure a must own game)



hydeks commented on Xbox One Hits 1 Million Sales in UK, Outsells ...:

The Xbox One has more games to offer than PS4, it's way cheaper then PS4, the system has more features then the PS4, so yea it's about time it's doing better then the PS4 lol Only way I can see people wanting a PS4 during the earlier months is because of what happened with Microsoft at E3, one little f*** up costed Microsoft that much trouble :-P



hydeks commented on November Xbox One System Update Rolling Out Now:

I like the newer design for the marketplace over the older design :-P I figure it will look a lot nicer when they have a lot more content for the system.

@EternalDragonX they probably will go to a design more like the modern 360 store, when there is ALOT more content for the system. When the 360 was released and started the store, it wasn't exactly great at the beginning either lol



hydeks commented on New Tony Hawk Game En Route to Consoles in 2015:

yes, all 2 of the THPS fans still around are excited :-P The recent games have been so stinky that I expect nothing from this new game. Tony, go to a different company other than Activision, they REALLY suck -_-



hydeks commented on Activision Confirms Next Destiny Game is in De...:

From a company that went from making a classic franchise like Halo to making a sub-par game like Destiny, I'm pretty disappointed with Bungie lately. Only way the sequel will be played by me is if they have a offline story mode, but I doubt it will :-P I personally think they announced this WAAAAAY too soon.



hydeks commented on Discuss: Share Your Thoughts on the Evolve Big...:

I'm getting the feeling this game will be a online only game from the comments people have been leaving, so I have no interest in this game now cause of that :-P Sounds like a cool game so far, but I hate online only games.



hydeks commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@DRL yea I noticed it, and honestly I'm feeling like a moron for cancelling my pre-order lol I'm hoping for opinions from people who have played it for a good while now, cause some games start off great then eventually get really boring :-P



hydeks commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel (Xbox 360): I originally wasn't planning to get this game, but I seen a 10min trailer showing off the new game and what is in it and I needed to go get this game lol So all my focus is on this game this weekend.

To the people who bought Sunset Overdrive: please tell me if your loving the game or not, it will help me decide if I actually wanna pick this up or not (I had a pre-order but cancelled it in fear the game would be crap) so any opinion on the game is appreciated :-D



hydeks commented on Dying Light Cancelled on Xbox 360, Still Headi...:

Actually I would say this is a good move by Techland. If they want people to start buying Xbox One's, don't offer a last gen version of the game :-P My problem with the games coming out is that you can get a last gen version of the game, and in my mind I think it will probably just made a water downed next gen version cause of that. I want new next gen experiences that can't be experienced unless you own a next gen console.



hydeks commented on Review: Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One):

ohh man I'm gonna hate saying this....I had this on pre-order but I cancelled it last week cause I had a bad feeling this game would screw up somehow and that I would wait for a review....looks like my fears where exactly that, just fears :-( I need to try and get a copy of this game lol Great review, though ^-^



hydeks commented on Talking Point: Is Xbox One the Best Value this...:

here's my concern now that I read this again...when you mean US do you mean this is ONLY for United States people, or do you guys actually mean NA as in Canada,USA, and Mexico? (just a heads up, most Canadians HATE IT when you consider them US :-P)



hydeks commented on Talking Point: Is Xbox One the Best Value this...:

plain and simple, this is a smart move by Microsoft. Sony might have the most sales on the PS4 so far, but I find the people that bought the PS4 are either regretting their purchase, waiting patiently for something new to play while playing tons of HD remakes, or trading their PS4 in for a X1 or Wii U (I know 5 people who have done this so far). Personally, I have a X1 already and will be sitting back and waiting for the awesome games ;-)



hydeks commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Xbox One: Watch Dogs

Wii: LoZ Twilight Princess (and hopefully finally start Skyward Sword!)
Mario Kart Wii (just cause I can't afford a Wii U for Mario Kart 8)
New Super Mario Bros Wii

NES: Metroid and Startropics



hydeks commented on Poll: Do You Prefer Linear or Open World Games?:

I just play good games :-P I would say the games I play are probably more linear, but there is open world games that do it right and really get you into the game. Most the time, I like linear just cause I like being sorta led along as long as there is a great story.



hydeks commented on Roundup: The Legend of Korra Has Reviewers Ben...:

I'll choose to ignore IGN and GameSpot again, I really don't like their reviews, and I usually find I like games they seem to hate. As a a fan of the show, I'll probably be downloading this, and it helps that I have really enjoyed Platinum Games games over the years.



hydeks commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

my game time will also be limited by birthday celebrations this weekend, but when I'm not too busy I'll be playing...

Watch Dogs (X1) Finally started this game after almost 2 months of owning it, so far I'm enjoying it a lot!

Blood Omen 2 (Xbox) friend recommended to me to try the legacy of kain series, so I got this and despite it being one of the "worst" in the series, I am enjoying it alot!

LoZ: Twilight Princess (Wii) all this week I was playing alot of NES classics, which made me want to replay my fav Zelda game I've played to so far (haven't played Skyward Sword yet :-( ) This will tie me over till I receive the copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the mail ;-)



hydeks commented on Pachter: Xbox One Outsold PlayStation 4 in Sep...:

I hope he's right, because I've played on both PS4 and X1 and I can't figure out why people like the PS4 at all!! The Xbox One deserves more sales, it's getting original and unique games, the online service is WAY better then PS4 and, sorry to say Sony fans, but that PS4 interface is a joke compared to X1.

@Gamer83 I use to really like PlayStation too but since the reveal of the PS4, I've noticed Sony basically seems full of themselves, and for no other good reason then that they came out at E3 and said the system would be cheaper. Now that the X1 is technically cheaper, why would you bother to even consider owning such a shitty made console?!? (my god I hate that DS4 controller, why didn't they add a actual touch screen instead of that! :-P)



hydeks commented on What's Out This Week: October 14th (North Amer...:

some great stuff (evil within, borderlands, killer instinct etc.) and some really stinky stuff (duck dynasty) are coming out this week, not a bad selection at all. I'll be looking into peoples reviews and reactions to The Evil Within, cause it seems like it will be a great game.



hydeks commented on Editor's Opinion: Our Resolution Resolution:

Yea, I never cared about game websites complaining about that stuff, I always thought it was the games that mattered. A lot of the time they like to pick on Xbox One for this and I feel like telling them "we get it, your bias and love the PS4, just shut up and review the games already" lol



hydeks commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

I'll be playing the turkey eating game! (Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada, WAHOO!)

When not doing that, I'll be playing more classic original xbox games (Legacy of Kain Blood Omen 2, and Brute Force) and I might bring out the old SNES and play some Battletoads and Double Dragon and Battletoads in Battlemaniacs.

And, of course like normal, some Diablo III :-)



hydeks commented on Spencer: Backgrounds, Themes, Screenshot Suppo...:

@EternalDragonX I agree completely with you. I own a X1 and my sisters boyfriend owns a PS4 and other then the new controller, I see nothing really great about the system, especially for it to be $50 more then the X1 (in Canada X1 is $399 while PS4 is $450) And to be honest, I really don't like the PS4 controller, the joysticks are too small and stubby and that touch pad thing is incredibly cheap feeling. Hopefully games like Halo and Sunset Overdrive will convince people this Xmas to buy the X1 though.



hydeks commented on Styx: Master of Shadows Appears on Xbox One:

I've been interested in this game lately just because I've been seeing the little ads for it on this site lol It sparked my interest cause I had no idea what it was, but it looked pretty cool :-P



hydeks commented on Round Up: Alien: Isolation Face-Hugs Critics w...:

Yea, I'm gonna agree with the others here, I too hate IGN and think there reviews are crap :-P I'll listen to OXM and Destructoid on this one, it seems like a true Aliens game from everything I've heard and seen of it. It seems lately IGN only gives the huge games with huge buzz a good review, even if the game doesn't really deserve it (Destiny....)



hydeks commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Diablo 3 (Xbox One) been busy lately, so I plan to play a lot of this game this weekend

Doom 3 (Xbox) I never played this game before, and so far it's very fun ^-^

Soul Caliber 2 (Xbox) no clue why, but I've been playing this game a lot lately lol



hydeks commented on Microsoft Not Satisfied With Japanese Xbox One...:

Nintendo owns Japan, a American game company like Microsoft would never make sales over in Japan. Best to just focus on the west, the hell with Japan :-P It's hard to take a country serious when Nintendo's stuff is #1 there lol



hydeks commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Diablo 3 (Xbox One) I've been neglecting playing it lately, so I will be also trying to get all my characters up to lvl 70 to get the achievement.

Sonic Heroes (Xbox) got through the team sonic part, working on team dark and that now

Soul Calibur 2 (Xbox) man I love this game!!! ^-^ So happy I bought a used original xbox, just for this game alone lol