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Wed 12th Jun 2013

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GreatPlayer commented on Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Jumps to Xbox O...:

I played Shantae on Wii U. This game is a good platformer, but there are better games (Rayman Legends, Sonic Lost World...) It is a bit like Action Adventure game, but breaks no ground to make it distinct from other modern platformers.



GreatPlayer commented on Rumour: Microsoft Planning Disc-less Xbox One ...:

The blue ray drive is pretty useless - games are run on hard disk anyway. However, the new console with a disc drive means that players have to buy games on MS store or using download codes. Usually games are cheaper on stores than online.



GreatPlayer commented on Xbox One Loses June to PlayStation 4 in US, Wi...:

@KelticDevil I still believe that Japs games have potential. Nintendo is still making Japanese games and they generally sell well. Obviously MS is not planning to quit Japs market - it sells Xbox One in Japan. However, the sales is abysmal - I went to big Japanese game shops recently and many of them do not even hold xbox consoles or games.

As an Asian I tend to dislike Western games. I think Kinect has a huge potential - its motion detection was very accurate but the kinect itself severely underutilized. PS4 also has good Japs game (Dragon Quest). Among the three consoles Xbox One is the weakest in the genre of Japanese games.



GreatPlayer commented on pX Asks: What Does Xbox 360 Backwards Compatib...:

@KelticDevil I went to Japan recently and the popularity of Xbox One is just abysmal. Wii U and 3DS are the largest sales there, followed by PS3 and Vita. No one cares about the Xbox One console there. Shops may sell only 2 or 3 xbox one games in stores, if they do sell xbox one games. This starks in contrast with the popularity of the console in the West.

Xbox may have tried to port more Japanese games but the number is clearly not enough in Xbox One as compared to Wii U and PS4. Someone tried to ask if there are xbox one games suitable for kids and she was replied with only two games. You mentioned that the quality of Jap games has dropped. I am unsure if I agree but there are some gamers who still like Jap games. To me, American games do not really matter as I do not play them often. (I am an Asian.)



GreatPlayer commented on New Xbox One Controller Seemingly In the Works:

I think xbox 360 is similar to xbox one in their controller. However, I just found the controller to be much lighter if I remove the battery and just use the power of the console to supply energy to the controller through usb.



GreatPlayer commented on Rumour: 1TB Basic Xbox One Set for Launch in J...:

@SuperKMx Well, what updates can do is to entirely replace certain game files where glitches are found.

With good management I still do not see the need to run games from hard disk. Donkey Kong has 10 G and Xenoblade will have a much larger disk size. Games are actually running smoother on Wii U than on Xbox, although this is only my personal experience with the two consoles.