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Generik commented on Raiden V Headed to Xbox One in Japan:

I have Raiden Fighter Aces for 360 and it's a fun schmup. I always liked the Raiden series so I'm hoping a new one would make a western release. Wish they would bring out a new Gradius game too.



Generik commented on Destiny Sells $500 Million, Has Most Successfu...:

@EternalDragonX Count me as one of them. I bought a PS4 specifically to play Destiny and have no regrets. Game is fun, looks great and has amazing music as expected from a company with the pedigree of Bungie. I easily put in 8 hours of time during the Xbox One beta which almost made things worse.. the wait this past month for the release was just brutal.



Generik commented on Late to the Party: Investigating the Mysteries...:

I loved this game and should really sit down and give it another play through. If I recall correctly this came out for the first Summer of Arcade XBLA promotion. That year had a ton of great games if memory serves correct but this was by far my favorite!



Generik commented on ESPN President Says eSports "Is Not A Sport":

I actually can't really disagree with him. His analogy to chess or checkers is appropriate. I wouldn't consider a chess match to be a sporting event but it is a competition. End of the day, it's all semantics.



Generik commented on Netflix On Xbox One Gets Xbox 360-Style Redesign:

I guess I'm in the minority then in that I really liked the Xbox One interface. I won't knock it till I try it.. but I'm finding these mass interface updates a bit annoying after you've really gotten used to the previous interface.



Generik commented on Review: Pinball FX2 - Guardians of the Galaxy ...:

I do like this table but not as much as some of the other Marvel or Star Wars tables. Completely agree with the assessment about the 4 ball frenzy at the start of the game not really adding much other than a minute of insanity lol. Maybe there is a way to unlock some mega jackpot during this time, but if so, I certainly haven't seen it and usually only manage to get a score in the mid 100,000's range.

I would also agree that the voice acting while decent, is a detraction without the actors who played the part in the movie. I understand that's an expense that would probably never be made back by Zen on sales of a $2.99 table.. It's not as jarring as some of the Star Wars voice overs though. One of those has an absolute hack trying to sound like either Luke Skywalker or Han Solo (I forget which atm).



Generik commented on EA Defends After Confirming That Current-Gen N...:

This was the first NHL game I had intended to buy for myself in a few years. My son usually picks them up every year. With this news though, I'm not so sure I will get it now. I honestly don't even know if they are modes I'd play, but it doesn't seem worth paying full price to get a partial experience compared to last gen versions of the game



Generik commented on Ubisoft To Abandon Xbox 360 In 2016?:

Judging by what they are doing with Assassin's Creed Rogue (360) and Unity (Xbone) I like how they are handling things. New gen systems should get a game built specifically for it instead of being compromised to make it work on the older console. I just wish Rogue was the game coming to Xbox One as it looks much better to me than Unity.

I'll be real curious to see how long true support lasts for 360. PS2 hung around with new games launching for a very long after PS3 launched.



Generik commented on Forza Horizon 2 Developers Want Your Micro-tra...:

I owned Forza 5 briefly and wound up selling it off as it was just sitting on the shelf. One thing I will state is the cost to purchase some of the upper tier cars was absolutely ludicrous. Seemed like there were cars that would take dozens of races worth of winnings to afford the natural way, or purchase of tokens with real money that would cost $5 or so dollars a piece. If they fix that in Forza Horizon 2 so it's not so insane.. I'll be happy.



Generik commented on Twitch On Xbox One Gets New Features:

@SuperKMx Well for giggles I did start broadcasting some Pinball FX2 last night. I don't know a lot about using Twitch to broadcast but the whole time it put a smallish grey box near the bottom that showed the channel name and that I had no viewers. Unfortunately this was directly over the flipper area and was in no way conducive to playing pinball. LOL. Maybe that message can be disabled? It was getting late and I didn't bother looking into it as I was only going to play a couple minutes anyway.

Anyway, if anyone plays Pinball and wants to add me to their friends list feel free.. my gamertag is Generik420. That game is much more fun when you have high scores to compete against other people!



Generik commented on Gamescom 2014: The Final Titanfall DLC Pack:

@SunnyShores Totally agree. I love how differently one map can play from another. I typically like to use the Stryder titan and some maps really work for just sticking to the edges and funneling damage to the mid-section of the map. Other maps twist and turn so much that there really is no 'edge' and those maps I usually will go with a heavier titan.



Generik commented on Gamescom 2014: The Final Titanfall DLC Pack:

I bought the season pass and overall I'm not disappointed. Seems a shame that the game is only going to get a total of 9 DLC maps total. I am sure they are working on Titanfall 2 as we speak but considering it hasn't been officially revealed (as far as I know), it seems this is an early termination of major support.



Generik commented on Xbox One and 360 Digital Titles Now On Sale At...:

I'm still much more likely to just purchase via the console or website, especially with the preloading that's coming very soon. But I would fully expect Amazon getting involved in this area will result in better digital pricing, especially on games that are no longer 'new'. There have been plenty of times I almost purchased an older game digitally and stopped because I knew I could save $5-15 by going and getting it used at Gamestop. Even older games unused are cheaper at a retail outlet than digitally in most cases and that's what I hope will come to an end with this announcement.



Generik commented on Gamescom 2014: Battlefield Hardline Single Pla...:

I still think it should not have the Battlefield name in it. They could have easily just called this Hardline and made a new franchise and then advertised that it uses the Frost Engine. Game looks like it could be decent though.



Generik commented on Gamescom 2014: Geometry Wars Returns Under Sie...:

Man that is AMAZING news! Geometry Wars was great.. Geometry Wars 2 was quite possibly the perfect XBL title to ever release. I can't stress how much time I spent trying to eke out another few thousand points to beat someone on my friends list in one mode or another. Can't wait for more GW!



Generik commented on Gamescom 2014: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare X...:

That special edition console looks pretty sweet. I'm curious to hear what others thought of the footage of the CoD campaign shown during Gamescon? I was extremely letdown by what I saw and if anything have officially relegated this to a wait for deep discount purchase. I personally found the driving section to look extremely uninspired, like Need for Speed with more explosions and much less realism in terms of car physics. I also liked (sarcasm) how this high speed segment ends in the car flipped and when the soldiers get out, they are now standing in a a massive traffic jam that felt static... All that along with brainless AI standing on top of semi-trucks and not utilizing any cover.

I know that game is designed for the online play nowadays, but CoD multiplayer just hasn't been for me since MW2, and right now the single player experience looks to be no better than last gen, and in some ways to me, worse. Curious if anyone else felt similar?



Generik commented on Talking Point: How Do You Feel About The Desti...:

Overall I loved my time with the beta and can't wait for the full release next month. I woke up this morning and looked at my phone and it struck me that we officially have less than a month to wait now!

I did not play much of the competitive mode in the beta and I have heard quite a few negative grumblings about the balance there. I'd imagine given Bungie's track record with Halo that they will get that sorted out either by the time the game releases or with post release patches that tweak imbalances. For me the star of the show was the exploration mode. I thoroughly enjoyed cruising around on the sparrow taking on the side missions and in that process finding caves with loot chests and sometimes extremely high level enemies. The story mode was entertaining and even though it retread ground numerous times, I actually liked that. I liked having that sense of familiarity entering an area and then being led down new paths to continue on the story. I can certainly appreciate the opinion of those that are not as keen on re-using an area multiple times though, especially if you play multiple classes.

All told though, I think this game is going to be phenomenal fun for a long while.



Generik commented on Games With Gold for August Have Been Announced:

Sounds like a good time for me to sell Dishonored to Gamestop. I wish I had known this a couple of days ago. They had a promotion for an additional 50% trade in bonus. I sold my $16 used copy of Dark Souls for $11.50 back to them and of course got it free on Xbox GwG recently.

On Xbox One, both of these games were of interest to me. I almost pulled the trigger on Strike Suit Zero when it came out. Reminded me of the old Wing Commander games that I loved 15 years ago. I'll be snagging that for sure.



Generik commented on No, Destiny Won't Support Cross-Generation Play:

@mitcHELLspawn I can't wait for my beta keys later this week. This game was the tipping point to finally get on the PS4 train and I've pre-ordered the white Destiny PS4 bundle. As it is now I have hardly any friends that have upgrade to Xbox One, so I figured I might as well move to the console that was getting the most bang for the same buck.

I think we are getting very close to seeing the end of the cross generation development. Most of these games were in the pipe already when the Xbox One and PS4 were launching. We are coming up on them being a year old and I would guess almost all new development cycles are going to focus solely on the new generation.



Generik commented on Updated: Xbox One August Update Details Auto-D...:

This just may be the best update yet. Would have thought the external HDD support would be, but since you can't play back media yet from an external, I'm reserving overall judgement on that one. Honestly, I had been under the impression that the auto-download feature was available at launch. Imagine my surprise the first time I paid for a game via while at work and got home and then had to wait half an hour or so for the game to download. Better late then never and to bundle it with pre-ordering, which I presume may indicate pre-loading(?), this is a fantastic update.

Also the activity feed update has me hopeful that I may finally find a reason to ever look at it. Does anyone know if it's possible to filter the feed to only show Xbox One activity that friends have had? The majority of my friends are still on 360, and seeing a ton of that really doesn't interest me when I'm on the Xbox One.. so it would be nice to either hide that or sort it by console if possible.



Generik commented on US Xbox One Sales "More Than Double" After Kin...:

After spending 8-9 months with the Xbox One and using Kinect on a daily basis, I can say I'd be hard pressed to want an Xbox One without Kinect. Obviously it hasn't been utilized much at all for gaming, but it has added a few wrinkles to some multiplatform games, such as Battlefield 4. And I love navigating the system using voice commands. What I worry about now that they have unbundled it, is if this is the death of that peripheral. Will we see future improvements to how it functions, integration into future games, etc?

It's great that the Xbox One is seeing sales increases. I just worry about the cost, especially to those of us that were early adopters and the few like me that were really on board with the vision they had.



Generik commented on Fans Revolt Against Lack of Licence Transfer f...:

@EternalDragonX At one point I had all the tables on my 360. I think they have released 4-6 tables since that time. I'd definitely not say I got screwed here as I still have access to them on the 360 and I've more than gotten my money worth of gameplay. I just would never consider re-purchasing the same table I already own a second time. I totally agree though that this should have been worked out well in advance of the game coming out for Xbone.



Generik commented on Bungie Releases Destiny Companion App on iOS, ...:

I got my pre-order in today. Afraid to admit here that I went with the white PS4 Destiny console bundle. This game looks incredible and the idea that the Xbox versions were all getting less content (on top of the constant 1080p issue with all games) pushed me over the edge.



Generik commented on Pinball FX2 Launches on Xbox One on July 31st:

@DRL Just saw this on Twitter fro Zen Studios.

"We're pushing for content transfers from 360 to Xbox One, hoping to have some good news on that soon."

Sounds like this is definitely a MS policy. Fingers crossed.



Generik commented on Pinball FX2 Launches on Xbox One on July 31st:

hmmph.. I love Pinball FX2 on the 360. But I am most certainly not re-purchasing all the content I had previously paid for. I have over 30 tables on 360.. easily spent $50+ on the game. I'm glad they are doing well, but this doesn't sit real well with me. I'm pretty sure tables purchased on Xbox 360 are available on the Windows 8 Pinball FX2 app, so there is no real excuse other than cash grab if that's the case.



Generik commented on Square Enix Confirms Lords of The Fallen For X...:

I watched a cinematic trailer for this a while back and was highly intrigued. Supposed to be similar to Dark Souls which is generally not a bad comparison for a game these days. I'm definitely going to be looking for this, but maybe not right at launch.



Generik commented on Gearbox Unveils Battleborn:

I watched the trailer for it and definitely got the Avatar vibe. Honestly I wasn't very impressed with what I saw. It wasn't a gameplay trailer of course, so not fair to judge it yet, but as an intro trailer for a new IP, it's officially not even a blip on my radar at this time. Destiny on the other hand... can not wait!



Generik commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@Dohv My son just got his PS4 this weekend just so he could play MLB 14 The Show. After seeing the PS4 in action I'm officially wanting on to sit next to the Xbone..

I played a good amount of Guacamelee this weekend. I'm close to the end now and really love the game. I had no idea what to expect from the game and only downloaded it because it was free. If someone had mentioned it was Metroid-esque at any point in time leading up to it launching on Xbox I would have been amped beyond belief for this title.



Generik commented on Tecmo Koei Changes Name:

I miss the plain old Tecmo days. I never knew anything form Koei but was a huge fan of NES game like Tecmo Bowl, Ninja Gaiden, Rygar and Mighty Bomb Jack. In fact looking back at that list I realize they made some of my most very favorite games of that era. Rygar was amazing on NES and Mighty Bomb Jack was a way underappreciated game from that time.

tl;dr - Should have just rebranded as Tecmo and returned to the glory years!