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Hobbit-like Editorial Director of Nintendo Life, Push Square and Pure Xbox by day, freelance word wizard by night. You may have shaken your head in disgust at my work on Eurogamer, CNET UK, Pocket Gamer and elsewhere.

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Damo commented on Kinect Joy Ride's Shameful Auto-Steering Secre...:

It's a shame that this has come to light as I can't seen any valid reason why they'd put auto-steering in there. The tech works, so why include it? This is going to cause bad press for the system in the long run.

Kinect has bags of potential - just look at what hackers have managed to achieve in a relatively short space of time - so it's criminal that events like this are undermining all the good work. I'm sure hardcore gamers will use this as a stick to beat Kinect with, but I believe that by next year, the critics will be silenced.



Damo commented on Kinect is "As Accurate as a Control Pad" says ...:

I think he's going to regret those comments in the long run, but I get what he's saying...I think people radically underestimate the potential of Kinect when it comes to control. Once developers really start pushing the envelope, I think we'll see experiences that simply aren't possible on any other platform.



Damo commented on Talking Point: From 40 Buttons to None - Can S...:

I think it's obvious that the experience is going to have to be a lot more basic this time around, but you could argue that some of the buttons on that monstrous controller were things you could easily do away with.

I think a combination of gesture-based and vocal commands could work really well, but ironically that interface is a lot more futuristic than the original Steel Battalion - and from the footage we've seen so far, Heavy Armor is going for a 'retro' look, closer to WWII tech.

Should be interesting to see the first gameplay footage, put it that way!