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Fri 28th October, 2011

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DRL commented on Space Dust Racers Bringing Old-School Party Ra...:

@sorethumbed My wife and I generally have a blast with games like this. There's a similar game on Wii U (TNT Racers, I believe) that makes for a fantastic local multiplayer experience. Hopefully Space Dust Racers can deliver something different enough to be worth the investment, because I like what I'm seeing but would hate to have a bunch of versions of the "same" game.



DRL commented on Battletoads to Make Their Radical Return in Sh...:

Amazing. What a super cool way for Shovel Knight to stand out on Xbox One. I was already planning to buy it again (I own it for 3DS and Wii U) for the achievements, but now it's truly a no-brainer.



DRL commented on Paranautical Activity Marked for Xbox One Release:

Looks absurd enough to have my attention. I don't know exactly how this will play, but I've been hoping for a return to the old-school FPS format. I just want to keep moving and keep shooting without worrying too much about conserving ammo. That's the dream. Maybe I'll boot up Serious Sam this weekend...



DRL commented on Out Today: Shiftlings (Xbox One):

This game looks far better than I expected it to. I'll definitely give it a shot soon. Anyone ever see the live-action Disney move Rocketman? There's a scene in that movie where the two lead characters have to connect their space suits to one another, then one of them passes gas that transfers to the other's suit. I asked the developer of Shiftlings if that's where they came up with the mechanic for this game. They said no, but I'm not buying it. :p



DRL commented on Tic Toc Games Confirms Platformer The Adventur...:

@DesignateTurian There was a PC demo released to the press a little while back and somehow I ended up with a copy. What I played was fantastic. Tight controls, charming aesthetic, and a nice sense of adventure and exploration. It almost felt on par with Shovel Knight's quality, which is really impressive. If it turns out at least half that good, it will be more than worthwhile!



DRL commented on Review: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episode...:

@Anthinator She doesn't have a ton of experience with 3D games that require quick thinking/movements. I don't believe she's ever played a third-person game of this nature, to be honest. It will be interesting to see how it goes. If it's easy enough for me to protect her and not too much responsibility falls on her shoulders, then we should be fine. Heck, she does pretty great with Halo and Call of Duty now, so she'd likely handle herself well.



DRL commented on Review: ScreamRide (Xbox One):

Thanks for starting my day with a dose of anxiety, @Captain_Chao5. Seems that coaster is NOT FOR ME. Haha.

On the topic of ScreamRide, I'm hoping to make time for it over the weekend. I still can't believe I've been swayed to buy it, but after going hands on with the demo and hearing @SuperKMx rave about it, I'm totally on board.

Who am I going to see on the leaderboards?



DRL commented on Review: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episode...:

I couldn't talk my wife into playing this with me over the weekend so I've yet to jump in. Now that I've read your review, however, I'm realizing I need to get to it ASAP. Thanks, Anthony!



DRL commented on Weekly Wrap: MKX, Reddit Support, and 8 New Xb...:

Not a bad week for news and announcements. I'd say the Mortal Kombat X story trailer was a personal highlight. There was almost too much ridiculousness to handle! Can it just be April now?



DRL commented on Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 Dated and Priced:

I didn't play the first. Does someone want to catch me up on the story so I know all the juicy details before slicing my way into this sequel? :P



DRL commented on Feature: These Are the Xbox 360 Games We Want ...:

I can confirm that most of the games mentioned in the comments made our preliminary list. So we're pretty much all on the same page! Specifically, Burnout Paradise, Left 4 Dead 2, and The Witcher 2 were SO close to making it. But, since we had to make space for Duke Nukem Forever, there simply wasn't any room left. :p



DRL commented on Review: Pneuma: Breath of Life (Xbox One):

@stylon Because it's the kind of game you'll probably play once and never again, that's where I might say it's best to wait for a price drop. Unless you're totally fine with 2.5-4 hours of content for £15.99.



DRL commented on Fable Legends Will Be Free to Play on Xbox One...:

This is one of those announcements that just makes sense to me. Hopefully this F2P model will be implemented as well as it sounds. I might actually play this game, which I didn't have an interest in initially.



DRL commented on New Arkham Knight Trailer Shows Off Batman's M...:

@Cavalier41 It sure does. All the previous trailers left me a little concerned because the world appeared a bit too... empty? But this one certainly makes the environments seem much more full of life and personality. I'm proper excited now. The wait until June will be a tough one, that's for sure.



DRL commented on Sierra Confirms Velocity 2X for Xbox One:

HELL YES. This game is INCREDIBLE. I've played it into the ground on my Vita. Now that I think about it, I'm only a single perfect rating away from a platinum trophy. I just haven't been able to get my head around controlling two ships simultaneously, which makes a flawless run on the final stage a tad difficult. I'll get it figured out soon enough, though. :)



DRL commented on Fault One Zero DLC Pack Is Now Available for T...:

Downloaded this yesterday but haven't had the chance to check it out yet. What's the word, guys? Good? Meh? I have to say, I like the look of some of the environments in the trailer. There seems to be a nice amount of diversity.



DRL commented on Exclusive: March Games With Gold Jumping Into ...:

@mitcHELLspawn Rogue Legacy is a devilishly good game, especially on Vita, but it certainly won't be for everyone. You basically play through a single dungeon (divided into many areas) over and over again until you've leveled up enough to reach and beat all of the bosses. The environments are randomly generated, so it's not as repetitive as you might expect. Still, it's surely a grind at times. I thought it was fantastic as a handheld experience, though I'm not sure I'd want to play it on a TV. I'd say it's at least worth downloading to your hard drive in the event that you're looking for a change of pace down the road. Can't hurt if it's free! :)



DRL commented on Deals With Gold Returns With Sleeping Dogs, Th...:

@Tasuki The stinky thing is that I've been waiting for Sleeping Dogs to go on sale, but I don't have the time for an open-world game right now. I don't even think I'd have the proper time to invest in it anytime soon, especially not if I want to keep up with upcoming releases. I am very interested, though.



DRL commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@JaxonH I've lumped Tropical Freeze and Returns together in my top ten list of all-time games. They're just incredible, masterful platformers. Honestly, I think they're two of the greatest ever made. There's an attention to detail that no one does like Retro. The sense of challenge, being able to explore and move at your own pace without a timer, and just the atmosphere in general, lend to one of the most memorable platformers I've ever played. Glad you and I feel the same. I knew there was a reason I liked you. :)



DRL commented on Roundabout Spins onto Xbox One This Friday:

I've been very interested in this one since it debuted on Steam last year, so I'll certainly be taking it for a spin this weekend. I just need to find the time between Monster Hunter 4, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, and The Order. And GameBlast as well. Man, it's going to be a busy weekend, huh? :)