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Fri 28th October, 2011

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DRL commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@Emanouel Nice work! I haven't played a ton of DR3, but what I have played was pretty tough, so I imagine that was a satisfying win. And as far as the Destiny beta goes, I think majority of the pX staff will be checking it out. After seeing a couple Push Square friends rave on Twitter about the PS4 alpha and beta, I'm getting crazy eager for the 23rd to get here. Should be a blast!

@sinalefa Haha. Yeah, I'm proud, but I'm reaching the point where I feel guilty for replaying the same game when there are plenty of things I need to catch up on. It's just so ridiculously good that I can't stay away! I'm even thinking about getting another playthrough started if I can convince the wife to get involved. If I still want more after that, well... then it might be time to consider an intervention.



DRL commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@heyzeus002 You're welcome. And the trophy hunting has nothing to do with bragging rights, nor would I buy a crappy game just because it's easy to 100%. The reason I like chasing trophies/achievements so much is because they extend the life of a game and add more challenge into the mix. I have a better sense of accomplishment when I beat a game AND unlock all trophies, as opposed to simply playing through a campaign — which is rarely a challenge these days.

But anyway, to respond to your suggestions: I already have OlliOlli and had to stop playing it because it was putting the hurt on my left joystick — played it SO, SO much for a couple weeks. I've knocked out Runner 2 on Wii U, and I'm waiting on a better sale or PS+ promotion to reacquire it for Vita. I have/love Stardust, and I'm slowly working at those trophies. And as far as Guacamelee goes, yeah, I've 100%'d that. I hate to admit it but, between Xbox One and Vita, I've beat Guac three times in the past three weeks. Seriously can't get enough!



DRL commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

It's only Friday night and I've already unlocked all trophies in Mutant Blobs Attack, and I'm one bronze away from completing Surge Deluxe. Can any Vita owners here recommend a downloadable game with fun and not-crazy-hard-to-get trophies?

@heyzeus002 Such a nice person, you are. :)



DRL commented on Pinball FX2 Launches on Xbox One on July 31st:

@Generik I own pretty much every table as well, and I definitely wouldn't want to purchase them again — and I LOVE Pinball FX2! It's certainly a confusing decision. I imagine there's something on the Microsoft front complicating the matter, considering tables can be transferred between PS3 and PS4. Who knows, maybe this will play into Games With Gold for August. Guess we'll have to wait and see!



DRL commented on Review: Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship E...:

@sinalefa @kensredemption Thanks guys! I had a great time writing this review. It's such an awesome game and it's quickly becoming one of my all-time faves. I almost hate to admit it, but I played through it three times in the past two weeks — twice on Xbox One (regular and hard mode) and once on Vita to compare — and I'm still not sick of it in the slightest.



DRL commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@Dohv It feels great on the Vita! Perfect fit, honestly. I spent majority of the night playing, and I'm almost finished with world five. I'm hoping to wrap up the game tomorrow morning/afternoon before Dragon's Crown arrives. :)

@kingston589 Why are you subjecting yourself to such horrors?! :p I've heard nothing but worse-than-terrible things about that Sonic, so I've stayed far, far away.



DRL commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@Dohv I've been playing PixelJunk Shooter on my Vita like crazy this past week, and now that I'm halfway through the game, I've decided to go back and 100% everything because I'm enjoy it that much. There are a few design choices that I don't particularly like — how easy it is to die, no checkpoints, having to play through multiple stages back-to-back — but I'm coming to terms with them now. What area are you in?



DRL commented on Review: Outlast (Xbox One):

"The tension scales so sporadically that even a half-hour session can leave you exhausted."

I'm finding myself tempted to experience this game, but, after reading that sentence, I really don't think I'd make it out with my sanity intact. Who knows, maybe a sale or Games With Gold promotion will eventually get me to give in. I'm just so darn apprehensive.

Thanks for the informative review, @anthinator!



DRL commented on Project Spark Set to Hit Retail in October:

I generally don't care too much for games built around user creation, but for some reason I'm intrigued by Project Spark. Will definitely give it a look soon enough.



DRL commented on Halo 4, Dragon Age II Discounted in Ultimate G...:

Dang. Nothing for me today. I may give BloodRayne: Betrayal a download, though. That's a WayForward game that slipped by me when it first released, and I've been meaning to check it out for a while now. Also, I'm hoping that Shadow Complex gets a big discount before the week is out. $10 or less and it's all mine! :)



DRL commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@MolotovCupcake It's SO good! I'm watching my wife play it on the Wii U as I type this. THAT MUSIC. :)

@hydeks Nice! Looks like you have plenty to get caught up on! And I have to agree about the installs. They can be such a pain when you just want to get to playing your new game.

@Emanouel I think I prefer the first when it comes to tone and scenery, but yes, Dead Rising 3 is probably the best overall. It's refreshing to drive through an open-world environment and actually be able to enter buildings!



DRL commented on Review: Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition (Xbox One):

I played this one briefly, and I wasn't liking how it felt to drive around. No matter what I tried, I didn't feel like I could maneuver and shoot in a fluid manner. I would always smash into something and come to a dead stop or turn too sharply and miss my shots.

Maybe I need to give it more time, but those issues, along with the viewing area and the narrowness of the roads/pathways, really left a bad taste in my mouth. I'll give it another shot soon to see if things come together more smoothly. Could just be that I didn't "get" it.



DRL commented on First Trials Fusion DLC Pack Detailed:

Honestly, this wait has been a bit longer than I had originally anticipated; I kind of expected these to start releasing every other month to keep everyone invested. I guess it doesn't matter though, because new tracks will definitely reel me back in.



DRL commented on Review: Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Xbox One):

I had a great time playing through Valiant Hearts last night. There was the occasional gameplay element that I didn't think worked all that well, and I did encounter more glitches than I would've liked, but it was a fantastic experience, regardless.

Nice review, Ken! :)



DRL commented on Watch 30 Minutes of Metal Gear Solid V Gamepla...:

That demo made my thirst for a sequel to Red Dead Redemption unbearable. I can't believe how incredible the desert scenery looks!

Anyway, I've never been into Metal Gear Solid because of all the stealth — I'm terrible at it — but I do intend to play this game. The Arkham series and Watch Dogs have warmed me up to that style of gameplay, so I should be fine with it now.



DRL commented on Games With Gold Gets Refreshed Today With Two ...:

Once again, I highly recommend downloading Charlie Murder — especially if you're into couch co-op. It's a little too stop-and-go at times, but once you learn your way around the interface and menus, it's a pretty great beat-'em-up.



DRL commented on Review: Murdered: Soul Suspect (Xbox One):

Pretty spot-on review, @MegaKillScreen. I've been thoroughly entertained with this one so far, but it's hard to overlook the missed opportunities and lack of cohesion in the gameplay department. At a bargain price (about $15-30) it's not hard to recommend to anyone interested in the concept/theme, but it's not quite a game you rush out and buy at full retail.



DRL commented on Talking Point: If You Could Steal One E3 Title...:

@hydeks @SuperKMx — I thought about Bayonetta 2 also, but I really like the idea that Bayo could potentially live on to be associated with Nintendo. While I don't want any less lighthearted, all-ages games from Ninty, I do wish they'd nurture a mature series or two to really broaden and diversify their appeal to all demos. Considering Bayo's tone is so off-the-wall and fantastical that, in a way, the violence sorta feels subdued and silly, it seems like a perfect fit.

But of course this article is for fun, so none of that junk I just said really matters! :)



DRL commented on E3 2014: Riptide GP2 Splashes Onto Xbox One Soon:

Being a lover of water-based arcade racers, I will definitely be taking this for a splash. I am a little concerned about it being a mobile port, however. Hopefully the dev beefs up the experience a bit for home consoles.



DRL commented on E3 2014: The Crew Beta Opening July 23rd:

I don't think I would've been all that into this one if it weren't for the freedom to venture around the US. I've been dreaming of that kind of experience since I first played Cruis'n USA back in the day.



DRL commented on Arkham Knight Slips Into 2015:

Now this is a delay that hurts. On one hand I'm happy to know my most-anticipated Xbox One game will be getting extra time in the oven to be all that it can be, but, on the other, I'm just straight bummed.



DRL commented on What's Out This Week: June 3rd (North America):

I want to play Murdered, but with Mario Kart 8 and Watch Dogs providing me with plenty of entertainment, I don't think it'll happen too soon. Plus, I've got reviewin' to be doin'!



DRL commented on Poll: Do You Think Developers Should Make a Ch...:

@MinecraftGreek — I know exactly what you mean, but I intentionally left that out of this particular poll. The reason is because when these games are at the conceptual stage, devs may have to limit features or gameplay mechanics because they're being considered for two machines of varying powers/architectures, instead of one. If there are two developers working on different experiences specific to each console (like upcoming Assassin's Creeds), then that's a different thing entirely — one that I can totally get behind. But you're not wrong. That's another part of the conversation, it's just one that we haven't started discussing today.

In the instance of Forza Horizon 2, are you okay with a secondary developer working on the 360 version? It's nice to see that Sumo Digital is in control. They've done great work in recent years. I loved their Sonic Racing titles and Outrun 2.