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Fri 28th October, 2011

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DRL commented on Review Round-Up: Titanfall (Xbox 360):

@Generik — I know what you mean, though I honestly don't mind that the visuals aren't more striking. I do, however, despise the presence of screen tearing. If the game isn't this powerhouse of next-gen visual capabilities, I really wish technical flaws like that would be smoothed out. Maybe they have by now? I haven't played in a couple weeks.



DRL commented on Feature: XBLA Sequels We Want to See on Xbox One:

@DabaTheDoom — Heck yeah! I had SO much fun with the first. It was one of those games that my friends and I were completely absorbed by for a few weeks.

@Generik — I hate to admit it, but I've yet to play Shadow Complex. I missed it when it first released, and ever since then I've been saying I'll jump in when it's on sale. Unfortunately, I haven't been privy to a sale. One of these weekends when my schedule isn't exploding with games, I'm going to give in. I love the genre, so there's really not a reason good enough to let it pass me by completely.



DRL commented on Feature: XBLA Sequels We Want to See on Xbox One:

@Tasuki — Thanks for joining Team Dave. Your official membership card will be in the mail shortly. :)

@BadWolf09 — Thank you for the compliment.

@SuperKMx — You really should. If you liked the arcade/Dreamcast version, I can't see a reason why Hurricane wouldn't be right up your alley. It's basically the exact same game but with new courses.



DRL commented on Review: Kinect Sports Rivals (Xbox One):

Wake racing and target shooing are definitely my two favorites right now. Bowling is fun, too, but I have to rearrange the living room to make the proper space for that one to be best enjoyed. I'd say that soccer is the only game I don't care for. The timing doesn't feel right to me.

You nailed this review, @SuperKMx!



DRL commented on Feature: These Are The Xbox Games Coming In April:

@Tasuki — If Armature corrected the clumsy control and movement issues, I would recommend that any interested Batman fan consider giving Blackgate a look. It's nowhere near the quality of Asylum or City, but I found the Vita version to be a satisfying companion to Arkham Origins.



DRL commented on Feature: These Are The Xbox Games Coming In April:

@hydeks - I'm with you! I had a lot of fun with ASM. The only disappointing news so far regarding the sequel, is that Beenox has built the game for last-gen hardware — it would've been nice to have a shinier, more detailed NYC to play around in. But to be honest, I don't really care. I just want more Spider-Man! :)



DRL commented on Alien: Isolation Release Date Revealed:

I'm going to be honest, everything I've heard about this game thus far has given me the creeps. I'll definitely be checking it out upon release, but you better believe I'll be playing with the lights on. Because I'm a big wuss.



DRL commented on New Revealed Plans for Xbox One's Reputation S...:

I hope this can be executed as effectively and fairly as Microsoft has suggested. When I was really good at Halo 3, other players knocked my reputation down like crazy. People liked to assume that I was cheating — which, of course, was never the case. Hopefully this "algorithm" can truly detect those unfair reports.



DRL commented on Review: Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes (Xbo...:

Thanks for the informative review, @WayneDavies89! I've decided to wait on this until the inevitable price cut comes into play — I'm thinking I'll bite when it's about $15-20. But it's great to hear that this outing is showing lots of promise for Phantom Pain.



DRL commented on Microsoft Promises Game-Focused Presentation a...:

@Anthinator - There's nothing Xbox exclusive I want to see more than Halo 5 — although, I'm concerned that we may be getting a Halo 2 anniversary edition this year. I'll buy it, and probably enjoy it a lot, but I really want the next installment in the series.



DRL commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@Thrash13 - You don't have the Titanfall bundle where you live? And I see how it's hard to choose from the two consoles when we don't know all that much about future releases. From what's available now, though, I think it's a much easier decision. Between Titanfall or inFamous, it's either you want an online-centric game to play with other people, or you want a solo experience. Do you have friends with either system? If you know anyone with an Xbox One, I can admit that Titanfall is incredibly fun when playing with friends and working together as a team.

@Generik - As much as I don't think I could bring myself to spend that much on a collectors edition, I was tempted by that statue. Have you seen one in person yet? It's absolutely epic!

@hydeks - It seems that we have quite the Dreamcast fan club at pX. I love it! :) And good choice on Halo — playing Titanfall has me insanely excited for Halo 5.



DRL commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@Thrash13 - You're SO indecisive! Haha. Is there anything in particular that is keeping you from choosing one over the other? We might be able to help you make a decision. :)

@Generik - That's funny — I have digital, but wish I would've purchased a physical copy instead. It's extremely, EXTREMELY convenient having the game on the hard drive, though the collector in me hates that a Titanfall case isn't on my shelf. I'm such a dinosaur sometimes.

@Tasuki - So happy to hear you're loving the Dreamcast. I know I say this a lot, but it really was/is a fantastic console. Mine gets played by my wife and I at least once a week. Speed Devils, Rush 2049 and Sega Rally 2 are the ones that keep us coming back regularly.



DRL commented on Review: Titanfall (Xbox One):

I haven't been able to put the controller down. Definitely my favorite online shooter outside of the Halo series. Spot-on review, Ken. :)



DRL commented on Review: PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures (Xb...:

I ordered the 3DS version a couple days ago when I learned that it's a 2D platformer — I can never resist! Is it bad that I want to gobble this up for Wii U, too, despite its shortcomings?



DRL commented on Guacamelee: STCE Coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360:

Such a great game. Glad that it's reaching more people by being available on nearly all platforms — sorry 3DS. This news has me hoping that a sequel isn't too far down the road. That would be groovy.