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Fri 28th October, 2011

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DRL commented on Axiom Verge Coming To Xbox One...Just Not Yet:

I'll be getting this for PS4 tomorrow, but I'm glad to hear that it'll be Xbox bound in 2016. If I end up liking the game enough, I'll be sure to also grab it for Xbox One when it releases.



DRL commented on Battlefield: Hardline Holds Off Bloodborne in ...:

It's cool to see that Bloodborne sold that well. I'm not 100% in love with how uninviting the game is to anyone unfamiliar with the Souls series, but once you figure things out and level up, it's a pretty spectacular experience. Hopefully its success will prove to some of the major publishers that new IP that caters to advanced players can still make bank.



DRL commented on 2D Action Platformer Aaru's Awakening Leaps to...:

This seems like a mix of elements from Ori and the Blind Forest and Fenix Rage. The controls appear a bit awkward in the trailer, but at least the game looks much better in motion than that screenshot above would suggest. I thought it was a DS game at first. :p

I'll definitely play this.



DRL commented on Halo 5: Guardians Release Date Confirmed:

I really like the route the advertising campaign is taking. All of the mystery surrounding the plot has Halo 5 feeling like an event and not just a video game, and that's a lot of fun.

By the way, @Gamer83, not EVERYONE found Halo 4 to be a letdown. Actually, it's my favorite campaign in the Halo series. My only real complaint was that there were too many vehicle-based missions.



DRL commented on Weekly Wrap: Delayed Edition:

@Gamer83 Seems we're all good with MKX considering it's available for pre-load on Xbox One. But I don't blame you. I've been skeptical of the release date for quite some time.



DRL commented on Stealth Inc 2 Will Make Next Friday a Good One:

Sold. Never got around to buying it for Wii U, so I'm going to be all over this on Friday.

Lots of Metroidvania happening next week. Axiom Verge (PS4) drops on Tuesday. Hopefully I can make time for both games.



DRL commented on Developer Over The Moon Announces That The Fal...:

I played this when it released for Wii U. Outside of how effortless it is to get stuck and dealing with the odd controls, it's pretty fantastic. The plot is incredibly intriguing, the setting is consuming and tense, and the puzzles can be remarkably clever. As long as you don't mind looking up a walkthrough when you become unsure of how to make progress — which will happen — I recommend checking it out.



DRL commented on Review: Battlefield: Hardline (Xbox One):

I'm interested to hear everyone's thoughts on this game. Did you end up enjoying the single player as much as I did, or is it multiplayer that's really doing it for you? Let me know if you agree with my review or if your experience was very different. Also, would you prefer to see the Battlefield franchise continue to venture away from the military themes of the mainline installments? I'm super curious here, so please share! :)



DRL commented on Review: LA Cops (Xbox One):

Bummer — I was hoping to play this when I have a little time between reviews. Sounds like I won't like it, though. Thanks for saving me the money, Tyler! :)



DRL commented on This Week's Deals With Gold Involve Fast Cars,...:

The "downside" is that I already own every game on the list that I'd consider buying. There's some decent stuff there, though. Like...Duke Nukem Forever. I own it. It's one of the best. games. of. all. time. Trust me. ;)

(don't actually trust me)



DRL commented on Round Up: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection...:

I'll admit... I'm tempted. If Bloodborne wasn't out today then I'd definitely pull the trigger, but unfortunately I'm not sure I have the time to also work these two games into my schedule.

Out of curiosity, is anyone planning for this to be their first Borderlands experience?



DRL commented on Review: Ziggurat (Xbox One):

@PacificMustang Glad to hear that you're enjoying it! It's totally one of those games that you leave on your hard drive because of how much it begs to be replayed. I have a feeling that I'll be returning to it for a long time to come. I'd like to eventually unlock all the cards and achievements.



DRL commented on Round Up: Battlefield Hardline Robs Great to D...:

@Rezalack Thanks for getting back to me. I'm actually reviewing this for the site now, so I started playing tonight. I'm three chapters deep, and so far I'm not really feeling it. I like the atmosphere, visuals, and presentation, but the gameplay isn't doing anything for me. Hopefully that'll change soon, but as of right now, I feel very "meh" about it. Haven't tried multiplayer, though.



DRL commented on Out Today: Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 (Xbox One):

I'm not big into Kinect games, but I'm thinking of getting this. Seems like it would be a nice change of pace when company is over. Plus, it might make for a ridiculously comical livestream session.



DRL commented on Futuristic Shoot 'Em Up Aguraki Coming to Xbox...:

@TwilightAngel Yeah, that's why I'm also skeptical. I wasn't a fan of Rock 'N Racing. Hopefully the dev will get it together for this release, though. A great horizontal shooter at the right price would probably sell well on Xbox One. There's no competition at the moment!



DRL commented on Round Up: Battlefield Hardline Robs Great to D...:

@Rezalack Thanks! I'll check out that video review later tonight. I'm not expecting a game that will change my life or anything; I just want to be engaged and entertained, and be put in action scenarios and settings that fall somewhere between what you'd find in Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. It looks like that's what the game delivers. Also, I really like the idea of flashing a badge and cuffing criminals instead of shooting them. Having that choice seems like it would make confrontations more interesting, as you attempt to make what you think is the right decision.



DRL commented on Geometry Wars 3 to Get Free Update That Double...:

Wow. What an update! I've hit a point in this game where there are a few levels I just can't beat. Because of that, I don't play it all that much anymore. But this update will have me hooked again, no doubt. Can't wait.

Anyone actually earn all stars in Adventure mode?



DRL commented on Round Up: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Reviews Are ...:

@flummerfelt Actually, I really like JRPGs, but I can't play them as frequently as most die-hard fans of the genre can. It primarily has to do with length and commitment, since most games can require that you sink a great deal of time to reach completion. That's also why I don't like playing open-world games back to back.



DRL commented on Xbox Live Gold Subscribers Can Now Download Bi...:

I'm going to go ahead and admit that I couldn't get into this game. I don't recall exactly what it was that was bothering me; I just remember getting incredibly frustrated within the first couple hours of play. It was something about the shooting mechanics, I believe. It's a shame, really, because Columbia is a gorgeous, gorgeous place to be. I'll revisit it one day and give it another chance, though, because I hate when a critically-acclaimed game doesn't click with me.

Anyone else experience something similar, or am I all alone?



DRL commented on Round Up: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Reviews Are ...:

@SLitz1979 I'm not really into Final Fantasy. I've played an installment or two here and there, but I've always found it hard to commit to a lengthy JRPG. It's why I still haven't played Ni No Kuni and kinda hate myself for it. That said, Type-0 does sound interesting. I'll consider taking it for a spin if my schedule opens up a bit.



DRL commented on New LEGO Jurassic World Trailer Shows Teeth:

I'll echo everyone else and say that I'm greatly looking forward to this. I swore I needed a LONG break from LEGO, but then they pull me back in with a Jurassic Park game they knew no one could resist (unless it scores poorly, that is).



DRL commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@Gamer83 It's pretty awesome, isn't it? I've actually been considering another playthrough of it even though I've already beat it twice!

@JaxonH Glad to hear you're diggin' Ori! I've been surprised by how quiet people have been about it on this site. How far in are you?



DRL commented on Mortal Kombat X Pushed Back to Summer on Xbox 360:

Hopefully we'll be seeing the last few cross-generational games soon, here. No offense to the people that can't afford to upgrade, but it IS time to fully embrace the new hardware and focus all resources on capitalizing on its potential. This transition really feels like it's lasting forever.



DRL commented on Jason Voorhees Will Be Playable in Mortal Komb...:

NetherRealm sure is doing a bang up job keeping MKX in the spotlight. I hope they slow down the character announcements just a little bit though, because I don't want to know EVERYTHING about the game before release.



DRL commented on Out Today: Jet Car Stunts (Xbox One):

I spent about a half hour with this one last night. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I can't seem to have any real sense of control in the air. There are often sections where strict maneuvers are needed to direct yourself through rings floating in mid air, and I feel as though I'm attempting to turn but not actually doing it. I'll dig into it a little deeper this weekend. It seems more likely that I just don't have a strong grasp on the controls.



DRL commented on ToeJam & Earl: Back In The Groove Kickstarter ...:

@SLitz1979 If the game gets its funding and gets released for PC, I'd say it's only a matter of time before it's ported to Xbox One, regardless of whether or not the stretch goal is met. That seems to be how these things typically work, especially when it's a game that's in demand or well publicized.



DRL commented on EA Access Members Can Already Play Battlefield...:

Has anyone played the single player yet? I'm curious how it is. I really like the cops and robbers dynamic. I'm totally going to be the good cop that doesn't use his gun unless he has no other option, because I'm classy and stuff. :)



DRL commented on ToeJam & Earl: Back In The Groove Kickstarter ...:

@EternalDragonX It's the actual world design that looks like hell. I think the hand-drawn style works for the characters and looks fine, but those maps? Yikes. Ugly, ugly stuff. I hate to say it, but this Kickstarter would probably be doing twice as well if they went with a classic 16-bit look.



DRL commented on Titanfall DLC Will Remain Free Permanently:

This is cool. Not having the DLC was the primary reason I wasn't jumping to play Titanfall during Game Nights. I didn't want to constantly be bumped from the game, or be the guy that kept everyone from having the whole spectrum of maps to play on.

Anyway, all good now. I "purchased" the season pass last night. :)