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Fri 28th October, 2011

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DRL commented on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC Shows Bruce...:

Sledgehammer seems to have done a bang-up job with DLC support for Advanced Warfare. Good for them. If I wasn't so busy keeping up with new releases, I likely would've made time for all this stuff. Looks like a blast.



DRL commented on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 30FPS Lock Patch Co...:

I've had a few Twitter friends complaining about frame rate issues, but I've not really experienced any in the 50 hours I've put into the game.

Has anyone had to deal with any sluggish loading in Novigrad? I often arrive at an objective and have to wait 10-30 seconds for NPCs to load into place before I can chat and activate the quest. It seems to get worse the further I progress into the game.



DRL commented on Review: Ultratron (Xbox One):

I like everything about this game outside of how tough it is to see projectiles once you have bots and enemies swarming you. Furthermore, there's a point where black enemies are placed over a black floor, and that makes things even more confusing. Other than those gripes though, this is an addictive little game. I love the resource management and co-op option (even though having two players on screen further congests the arena). More quality twin-stick shooters on Xbox One, please. :)



DRL commented on BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition Set for May ...:

While I'm sure I make it abundantly clear that I'm something of a side-scrolling junkie, I must admit that physics-based side-scrollers can really irk me if the controls are at all lacking. That said, I am attracted to the look of this game and will give it the benefit of the doubt. iOS reviews suggest it's got a lot of good going for it. Will be interesting to see how it translates to consoles.



DRL commented on Super Paperman Wants to Bring Co-Op Platformin...:

There didn't seem to be much cooperation in that video. Instead, it looks a lot like every other competitive platformer/runner I've seen recently. Hopefully it ends up doing something unique enough to set it apart from others in the genre.



DRL commented on Round Up: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Has Dripp...:

@sinalefa It all depends on timing, honestly. If everyone on the review team is already booked up, we can't always make it priority to review something that we have no obligation to cover. So it just depends what the schedule is looking like. Believe me, if we can do it, we will, especially when there's demand for it. Unfortunately it's not possible in every case.



DRL commented on Out Today: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (Xbox One):

I played the first hour of this last night and wasn't really feeling it. Too much sneaking for my taste. Hopefully there's lots and lots of shooting soon to come! (I'm sure there will be)



DRL commented on On This Day: It's Been 13 Years Since the Burn...:

@jongred I miss the heck out of Burnout and F-Zero too. Actually, I miss arcade racers in general. Hopefully now that development and publishing is getting easier and easier for indie teams, we'll start seeing more and more 90's style racing games. That would make me immensely happy.



DRL commented on Out Today: Project Root (Xbox One):

If anyone decides to give this a download, let me know how it is. The Steam version received some mediocre reviews, and I heard it's unjustly difficult at times, but because I love this genre, I'm still interested.



DRL commented on Review: Shovel Knight (Xbox One):

@readyletsgo It depends how much you like games like this. Personally, I would've double dipped if I hadn't received a review copy. Going after the achievements and experiencing the Battletoads comeback would've been enough for me. Obviously I can't say if that's enough to justify another $15 from you, but it's worth considering.



DRL commented on Platforming Without Jumping: Tinertia Is Rocke...:

It seems like we've seen many side-scrollers announced recently, but they all appear to be more arcade-styled, which is a little bit disappointing. Regardless, even though I don't really care for the visuals, I'm sure I'll check this one out. If nothing else, the gameplay sounds interesting.



DRL commented on New Witcher 3 TV Spot Appears:

After watching the 9-minute trailer that Push Square posted earlier this week, I have to say that I'm uncontrollably excited for this game. It reminds me a lot of Red Dead (but with a fantasy theme, obviously), which is easily one of my all-time favorites. Regarding this trailer, though, it seems kind of silly that they wouldn't show any gameplay. This game looks stunning, and the proposition of being able to explore this massive, atmospheric fantasy world is likely what will draw people toward it.



DRL commented on Accessory Review: Mortal Kombat X Fight Pad fo...:

@dok5555555 That's a good question. I had the X360
controller with the transforming D-pad for a few years, but my buddy busted it while intensely playing MK9. Unfortunately, that means I can't directly compare the two. I can say that the Fight Pad's D-pad does have a little bit of a roll to it, more than the one on the Xbox One controller. I don't think it's as loose as the X360 controller, though. Maybe see if your local game shop will allow you to take the Fight Pad out of the package so you can test it.



DRL commented on Accessory Review: Mortal Kombat X Fight Pad fo...:

@A_BabyRed_Yoshi Honestly, I typically have that problem when using joysticks in fighters. It's too easy to accidentally press forward on an angle, resulting in a jump when you meant to take a step. That's why I stick with D-pads, especially in the case of the MK series.



DRL commented on Marvel and Telltale Games Announce That They'r...:

@BAMozzy I totally understand what you're saying about Telltale's games lacking in the gameplay department. That's been my biggest complaint about them, actually. I need more puzzles! The first couple episodes of The Walking Dead: Season One had legitimate puzzles, but they were pretty much phased out as the season progressed. Now they're mostly nonexistent. So yeah, I get why Telltale Game don't do it for you. I still really enjoy them as an alternative to my usual genres, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for something more as far as gameplay goes.



DRL commented on Resident Evil Revelations 2 on Xbox One Finall...:

Sweetness. I need to get started on this game — haven't even booted it once. Maybe I'll change that this weekend. I just need to convince the wife that she'll be able to handle the supporting role.



DRL commented on Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations C...:

This looks better in motion than I expected it to. Hopefully we'll finally get a legitimately great Adventure Time game. A couple of them have been so close to being classics, but a rushed development cycle and/or limited budget have stood in the way of their potential. Unfortunately, I don't have much faith in Little Orbit. They've published some real junk lately.



DRL commented on Slim Pickings As Call of Duty: Ghosts Heads Up...:

Slim pickings indeed. I would like to see more Xbox One indie games go on sale. There's a lot of stuff in the store that I'd be interested in taking a chance on at the right price. Maybe Microsoft will get into the business of flash sales soon. That would be cool. Sony's been doing a fantastic job with those lately.



DRL commented on Shovel Knight, Slice Zombies for Kinect Dated ...:

I already own two copies of Shovel Knight and have played through them about six times total, and I'm STILL going to buy it for XONE when it releases. I'm incredibly curious to see what Yacht Club has done with the Battletoads.