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Fri 28th October, 2011

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DRL commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@heyzeus002 I'm with you on Advanced Warfare! I always look forward to the campaigns. Multiplayer too, but it's the single-player that I get the most out of.

@Tasuki Yeah, I think it could depend on how it's marketed. Make it a highly competitive multiplayer game and it could be something big. Probably depends on what the shooter market is doing at the time of release, though. Have you played Head-On before? I've only played the PSP version, but I'm going to try and get me a copy of it for PS2 soon. That was a surprisingly good return to form if I remember correctly.



DRL commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@Tasuki I would immediately purchase a PS4 if we learned that another Twisted Metal was on the cards. It's a favorite series of mine (I even like the lesser installments) and I hope Sony doesn't choose to neglect it now that David Jaffe has gone on to other things. I have a bad feeling we won't see it anytime soon, though. Car combat is probably a hard sell these days.



DRL commented on Volgarr the Viking Is Your Xbox One November G...:

@Emanouel Granted I only played Crimson Dragon for about an hour, I was immensely disappointed with everything up until that point. I'm hoping to give it another whirl soon though. Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood for it previously. That can sometimes happen.



DRL commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@EternalDragonX Man, that game... It drives me NUTS. I love the sprite-work, colors and animations, but getting Spunky through the stages is a big ol' pain in the butt. I should load it in the SNES this afternoon to see if I'm any better than I was years ago. Probably not but I'd say it's worth a try. :)



DRL commented on Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams to Get Xbox One ...:

I hope this game performs better than it did on the Wii U. It has a lot going for it, but I couldn't get past the stuttering frame rate to enjoy it. Never ended up finishing it because of that.



DRL commented on Review: Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One):

@EternalDragonX Personally, I find it hard to believe there's someone out there that couldn't find fun within this game. BUT, if you legitimately HATE Tony Hawk, Dead Rising, and Jet Set Radio, you probably won't like this. It feels like it was inspired by all three of those games.

As usual, thanks for the kind words, everyone! I'm glad to hear that so many people are attracted to this game. Insomniac definitely needs to get the go-ahead on a sequel, so let's hope it sells very well. :)



DRL commented on Deals With Gold: Jump Into A Titan And Get The...:

Guys, please keep the comment section free of hostility. Discussing each others opinions is absolutely cool, but we don't need anyone directly attacking anyone else or starting problems. Life's too short for that nonsense. ;)



DRL commented on Review: The Evil Within (Xbox One):

@WayneDavies89 It would be at the top of my Christmas list too if I wasn't such a baby. :p

But in all honesty, the more I hear about this game, the more I want to give it a chance. I'll probably buy in when the price drops a bit after the holidays.

Nice review, Anth. It did its job. :)



DRL commented on 343 Apologises for 20GB Halo Day One Patch:

What's more frustrating to people: the fact that they're giving up 20 GB of hard drive space, or knowing that they have to wait for a 20 GB download on top of the initial installation? Personally, it's the latter I find more annoying.



DRL commented on Roundup: The Legend of Korra Has Reviewers Ben...:

@odd69 Yeah, you're probably right. At that price point, it shouldn't hurt too bad if you end up not liking it. However, I know a few folks that are huge fans of Avatar and Korra, and they aren't very pleased with the game. I'd say to approach with your expectations low if you do give it a shot.



DRL commented on Pure Pool Still Being Cued Up for Xbox One:

I'm surprisingly curious about this one. Our buddies at Push Square gave the PS4 version a recommendation, and from what I've read, I think it's a game I could see myself booting up when I want to relax.



DRL commented on Volgarr The Viking Passes Xbox One Certificati...:

Has anyone played the PC version of Volgarr? I'd be interested to hear other's thoughts on the difficulty. I can handle a game with an extreme challenge as long as the deaths feel like they're my fault and not due to unfair circumstances or restrictive controls.

Either way, I'm excited to give this one a go.



DRL commented on Fox Delays Hitman Movie 'Agent 47' To Avoid Cr...:

This movie would need stellar reviews to be a major draw at the box office, and I just don't see that happening. Don't get me wrong, I'd be completely down for a great video game movie, but from what I've seen and read, this doesn't seem all that promising. Anyone think otherwise?



DRL commented on What's Out This Week: October 14th (North Amer...:

South Park Pinball is a FOR-SURE purchase. I'd also like to check out Sleeping Dogs and The Evil Within. I'm not sure I'll be able to do so this week, but they're on my list of games to play when the timing is right.



DRL commented on Killer Instinct Season Two Launches Wednesday ...:

This looks great, but it's weird to me how much cartoonier these new characters look when compared to the Season One lineup. Also, I really wish we'd just get season content all at once. The way this game is modeled/structured is probably the reason I've yet to invest in it. I want a full, finished game and not little pieces of DLC here and there. Oh well, I'll just wait it out and eventually buy everything at once. :)



DRL commented on Poll: What’s Your Favourite Game Directed by...:

The original Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, and Vanquish were all tempting choices, but I couldn't resist Resi REmake. I never expected that one of my favorite games of all time could be remade and still feel entirely fresh. A couple buddies and I skipped school the day it released (shhh, don't tell my mom) so we could play all day, and we were totally blown away. A masterful effort from Mikami.

@mitcHELLspawn I bet you can do it, dude. I've amassed a few grand in achievement score in a month's time almost effortlessly, so I imagine it shouldn't be too hard for you to hit 10,000 in 3 months with the way you play. If I were you, I wouldn't focus on hard-to-get achievements — just nab the easy ones on a playthrough and then move onto the next game. You can revisit games later on if need be.



DRL commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@Gamer83 I like Smash 3DS more than Brawl, as well. I just wish that I could use the D-pad. That's the one thing driving me a bit nuts. The Circle Pad does its job, but it's a little clumsier than I like for anything 2D/side-scrolling. Regardless, Smash feels great on a handheld. Seriously can't get enough. Even my wife is hooked. :)



DRL commented on Trials Fusion Dives Into The Abyss With New DLC:

I haven't been too impressed with the other DLC packs for Trials Fusion, but this one looks to change things up more than the rest. I'll definitely be giving it a download when I get downtime.



DRL commented on Review: Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One):

Spot on, Ken. I'm head over heels for this game. I know I've mentioned it multiple times now, but this is the first racer since Burnout 3: Takedown that has really grabbed and held my attention. I'm pretty much addicted.



DRL commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

@Tasuki I wasn't planning on it, actually. I'm not quite as into the Castlevania series as some other folks are, so I'm trying to review it without drawing too many comparisons to the rest of the series and without digging deeply into its history. I'm hoping I can offer a fresh perspective.



DRL commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

I forgot to mention that I'll be reviewing the Wii U Virtual Console release of Castlevania: Dracula X for Nintendo Life. Being entirely honest, I booted it for an hour last night and didn't like what I played. It handled very primitively, almost like something from the 8-bit era. I'll be logging more hours tonight, and hopefully I can get past the clumsiness.