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Tue 24th Sep 2013

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BadWolf09 commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Wow you guys have had lots of fun going on this week!
I will be getting into some Trials Evolution in preparation for Fusion and that will likely take up more time than expected. Other than that maybe some Mario Kart 7 or Pokemon Battle Trozei.



BadWolf09 commented on Feature: Pure Xbox Best of 2013:

Nice article- loved the variety in your lists. I don't have my list completely worked out yet but I would have to include GTA V, Runner 2 and DMC. Thanks for a great year of content!



BadWolf09 commented on Out This Week: December 17th (North America):

Played through this one last night. It was an interesting start to the second season, definitely carried over that tense feeling forcing you into multiple uncomfortable decisions and that constant feeling that something is about to jump out at you- can't wait to see where this season goes next!



BadWolf09 commented on Review: Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360):

I would have to agree with the review- they set out with some lofty ambitions and they delivered an excellent product. The missions may be A-B but I've been finding a good portion of my fun in all of the distractions between A and B. Great delivery of a proven formula with a few forgivable flaws.