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United Kingdom

Sun 7th Nov 2010

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BBilson commented on Review: Get Fit With Mel B (Xbox 360):

To throw a spanner into the works, I really like Your Shape.

Again, though, it lacks the cohesiveness of Sports Active or Biggest Loser - there's no 30 day routines or targeting fat-busting, for instance - but in terms of tech it's highly accurate and very impressive



BBilson commented on Review: DanceMasters (Xbox 360):

Yep - 'In a first for the dancing titles in the Kinect line-up, the player can fail a song if the gauge reaches zero, so you can’t just mess around for the entire track.'



BBilson commented on Review: Dance Central (Xbox 360):

Aye, the Workout mode is pretty perfunctory. It's just a calorie counter (that naturally counts up whether you're moving or not) based on a weight you put in, and a timer.

There's nothing much else to it, really, which is a little bit rich given it's plastered on the back of the box as a feature.