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Review: Final Exam (Xbox 360)

Final Exam (Xbox 360)

No flunking here

Before playing Final Exam, we’d heard it be described as a sidescrolling Left 4 Dead, and, in all honesty, that’s a fairly apt comparison; it’s a 4-player zombie slayer with online co-op, a level set in a subway, and a massive, hulking enemy called a Tank. Superficial, skin-deep comparisons aside, Mighty Rocket Studio’s...

Review: Foul Play (Xbox 360)

Foul Play (Xbox 360)

With Xbox Live Arcade going through one of its quality spikes of late, it seems that every week, there’s another big-name title just waiting to separate you from your cash. In the past month or so, we’ve seen Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Charlie Murder, Disney Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, DuckTales Remastered, and

News: Huge XBLA Back to School Sale

Huge XBLA Back to School Sale

28 choices from 50-75% off

Microsoft is currently holding a massive Back to School Sale on XBLA titles, and we just had to tell you about how awesome it is! Discounts start at 50% off, with a select handful of games reaching a whopping 75% off. From Perfect Dark to Puzzle Quest, Toy Soldiers to Serious Sam, there seems to be a little something for...

Gamescom 2013: New XBLA Title Contrast Intrigues

New XBLA Title Contrast Intrigues

Out of the darkness...

Currently in development with Compulsion Games, Contrast is an Xbox Live Arcade title that looks more than intriguing. Shown off at Gamescom 2013 for the first time, the game is a puzzle platformer with a very cool "film noir" kind of style. Set in the 1920s and inspired by vaudeville, Compulsion says that the "boundaries...

Out Today: Call of Juarez - Gunslinger

Call of Juarez - Gunslinger

Rootin', tootin', shootin'!

There's been some mass confusion over Xbox Live Arcade releases of late. Sanctum 2 still isn't available in all regions, and Monaco was delayed, re-dated, delayed, and then re-dated again before finally hitting the store, but we're hoping that things will settle down this week. Only one release to mention today, and...

News: Payday Franchise Leaps to Retail

Payday Franchise Leaps to Retail

Payday 2 to be a disc-based title.

505 Games, publishers of the upcoming steal-'em-up Payday 2, has confirmed that the game will not be launching on Xbox Live Arcade as previously thought. Instead, the game will be coming to retail when it launches later this year. The sequel to the formerly PSN and PC exclusive Payday: The Hei$t has apparently...

News: Way of The Dogg Hits Xbox Live Today

Way of The Dogg Hits Xbox Live Today


As if by magic, 505 Games' Snoop Lion/Dogg/Doggy Dogg-themed title Way of The Dogg has landed on Xbox Live Arcade today. Available for 800MSP, the game that made our Five XBLA Titles to Watch Out For list just a few short weeks ago, didn't appear to be scheduled for release for another few weeks, but has been brought forward. We'll bring...

News: Fez Shifts 200,000 Via XBLA

Fez Shifts 200,000 Via XBLA

"Completely crazy", says developer.

Polytron Corporation's Fez has sold some 200,000 copies via Xbox Live Arcade during its first year on sale, the company has announced. The perspective-shifting platformer, along with its two developers Phil Fish and Renard Bedaud, featured heavily in the hit documentary Indie Game: The Movie took a fair old while...

Review: BattleBlock Theater (Xbox 360)

BattleBlock Theater (Xbox 360)

The Behemoth Is Back

BattleBlock Theater is an Xbox Live Arcade platform puzzle game from The Behemoth, who are the developers of the excellent Castle Crashers and slightly-less-excellent Alien Hominid HD. The graphics are cartoonish, it features a good deal of laughs and some tricky puzzles that will test your dexterity later on. Also, it allows...

News: Telltale Tease Walking Dead Content

Telltale Tease Walking Dead Content

Writer Gary Whitta teases additional episode...

Telltale Games is set to release additional Walking Dead content, but it's not the second season. During an interview on IGN's acclaimed video game show, 'Up at Noon', Gary Whitta announced “You won’t have to wait for season two to play more Walking Dead”, and the additional content “will make...

News: Rhythm Party's Tracklist was Born This Way

Rhythm Party's Tracklist was Born This Way

Go Gaga

Konami's Rhythm Party is a week away, and now we have a tracklist showing the songs you'll be grooving to come 1st February. Including famous tracks from Lady Gaga to Bobby Brown alongside original compositions, the game's emphasis is on "open" dancing — rather than following set choreography, you're encouraged to dance however...

News: Burnout CRASH! Drops to 400 Microsoft Points

Burnout CRASH! Drops to 400 Microsoft Points

Smashing saving

Burnout CRASH! might not be the best Kinect game out there but it's a fine smash 'em up with a pad in your hand, and it's just dropped to 400 Microsoft Points. The crash junction game is 50% off in the New Year sale, and you can queue it up here if you fancy some cut-price crashing. Read our Burnout CRASH! review to see how its...