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Review: WWE 2K16 (Xbox One)

WWE 2K16 (Xbox One)

Far from the bottom line

Good games are usually more than the sum of their parts. You can have an average story and average gunplay going on, but still find that the game as a whole is fantastic fun because of the way it all comes together. On the other hand, you can have the best suite of options and the greatest game world ever, only to find that...

News: WWE 2k15 Slams Onto Xbox One in October

WWE 2k15 Slams Onto Xbox One in October


2k Sports has announced that WWE 2k15 won't only be headed to the Xbox 360 when it launches at the end of October. Indeed, it'll be making it's debut appearance on the Xbox One, as well. The game is currently in development with Yuke's Future Media (in association with Visual Concepts) and is set to launch on October 28th in the US, and...

News: WWE Network App Launches on Xbox One

WWE Network App Launches on Xbox One


World Wrestling Entertainment and Microsoft has announced that the WWE Network app will be available to Xbox One users from today. The app allows grapple-fans to access the WWE's newly-launched subscription channel, the WWE Network. For $9.99 per month (and requiring a 6-month subscription), viewers get access to live programming, a huge...

News: Ultimate Warrior to Return in WWE 2k14

Ultimate Warrior to Return in WWE 2k14

Always believe.

2k Games has confirmed that the legendary Ultimate Warrior will be making a comeback in the WWE's first videogame release since THQ folded, WWE 2k14. Players that preorder the game will find that the Warrior is a playable character in the game, complete with hair, tassles, and - we're hoping - the ability to perform a super-long...

News: 2k Games Confirms WWE '14

2k Games Confirms WWE '14

Development Underway

As we reported last week, Take Two have picked up the WWE licence from stricken publisher THQ, and have today confirmed that the deal is done and that a new title is on the (fight) cards. The new game follows the naming convention set by THQ, so WWE '14 is what sports entertainment fans will be looking for on store shelves come...

News: Take Two Picks Up WWE Franchise

Take Two Picks Up WWE Franchise

THQ Taps Out

With stricken publisher THQ being stripped down and sold for spare parts as we speak, a few people have been wondering what would happen to the incredibly valuable WWE licence, which they've held since the release of the original WWE Smackdown! for the PSOne way back in 2000. Well, it seems that Take Two have stepped into the ring to...