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Guide: The Best Pinball FX2 Tables Money Can Buy

The Best Pinball FX2 Tables Money Can Buy

Are you ready to have a ball?

Are you interested in buying Pinball FX2 but aren’t sure which tables to download first? Well, considering some of us at pX are massive pinball junkies, we’ve compiled a little guide of sorts to help you get started. These are the tables that we find the most enjoyable to play, and ones we believe would be great...

E3 2013: New Star Wars Battlefront in Development

New Star Wars Battlefront in Development

A Luke-warm reception, this was not

Not too long ago, EA acquired the exclusive rights to develop games based on the Star Wars franchise, and as you can imagine, some fans immediately began speculating whether or not we'd see the return of the long dormant Star Wars: Battlefront series. Well, wonder no longer. During this afternoon's EA press...

News: Disney Shuts Down LucasArts

Disney Shuts Down LucasArts

All current projects terminated...

It seems like Disney doesn't have much interest in video game endeavours, both Epic Mickey games flopped spectacularly, and now the mouse-fronted corporation have closed the established LucasArts studio and laid-off 150 employees in the process. While the future of Star Wars: 1313 was already in question, this...

News: Star Wars 1313 'On Hold'

Star Wars 1313 'On Hold'

"I've got a bad feeling about this..."

The highly anticipated Star Wars 1313 may be ‘on hold’ according to sources close to the developer. Despite claims that Disney would not interfere with existing LucasArts projects following their 2012 acquisition of the Star Wars visionaries, that appears to be exactly what has happened in this situation...

News: Sense Kinect Star Wars' Christmas Presents in 2011

Sense Kinect Star Wars' Christmas Presents in 2011

Dark Christmas next year

When the Kinect Star Wars trailer was shown at E3 2010, it provided a glimpse of what's in store for gamers who are partial to a bit of lightsaber-waving. It's still launching in 2011 and Kinect's creative director, Kudo Tsunoda, has confirmed to BBC Newsbeat that a Christmas 2011 release is on the cards. We have a Kinect...