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Review: Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell (Xbox One)

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell (Xbox One)

Into the depths

It has to be said that there can be few people who weren't salivating at the prospect of a new game set in the Saints Row universe being released for less than £16. Even fewer when you consider that the new title would also be available with a rehashed edition of the excellent Saints Row IV for less than £40 for the pair. Indeed,...

Review: Saints Row IV (Xbox 360)

Saints Row IV (Xbox 360)

The Saints go marching in.

Saints Row IV is insanity itself. There's no other way of really opening proceedings, other than to say that. From the various “homages" to great video games that have passed before, to the off-the-wall comedy and the racier portions of the game, the whole thing feels like it's assaulting your brain from start to...

News: Saints Row IV Confirmed for 360

Saints Row IV Confirmed for 360

No word on 720

Deep Silver - the guys who have picked up the Saints Row publishing rights from the now-defunct THQ - have announced that they'll be bringing a fourth entry in the Saints Row series to current-gen platforms this year. Developer by Volition once again, Saints Row IV will release on August 20th in the US, and on the 23rd elsewhere. The...