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News: PS4 Bests Xbox One's UK Opening Weekend

PS4 Bests Xbox One's UK Opening Weekend

250k sold through.

The PlayStation 4 has bested the Xbox One's UK opening weekend sales figures, Chart Track confirmed today. Sony's system, which launched this past Friday in the UK and Europe, sold through approximately 250,000 units within the first 48 hours, easily beating the Xbox One's number of 150,000 from the launch the previous week. The...

News: Official UK PS4 Bundles Announced

Official UK PS4 Bundles Announced

From low to high.

This seems like a strange story to be running on an Xbox-focused site, but it's always nice to keep an eye on "the competition," as it were. Sony has announced details of the five official PlayStation 4 bundles that will be available at the machine's launch in November. The basic console will set you back £349 as previously...

E3 2013: Sony Unveils PS4 Design

Sony Unveils PS4 Design

Seeing double?

At their E3 2013 press conference, Sony marked their entry into the next generation by unveiling the PlayStation 4 hardware design. Initial comments on the social networks suggest that it looks a tad like the Xbox One design that people don't appear to be particularly fond of. Others have rushed to the system's defence. A sort of...

News: Xbox 720 Odds Against to "Win" in 2013

Xbox 720 Odds Against to "Win" in 2013

...according to one bookmaker, anyway.

UK bookmaker Paddy Power - well known for offering novelty betting opportunities - has decided to weigh in and open a book on which of the two next-generation consoles will "win" 2013. The company is believed to be the first to provide "In-running" betting on a videogame match, after taking bets on the Ryan...

Feature: 5 Things We Learned From The PlayStation Meeting

5 Things We Learned From The PlayStation Meeting

The Future of Gaming and a Lukewarm Response to Microsoft's Competitors...

Last night saw Sony finally lift the curtain on their next generation PlayStation console and - while a number of questions were answered - fresh speculation has arisen alongside some exciting new features, services and games. Here are some of the things that we learned and...