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Out Today: Shiftlings (Xbox One)

Shiftlings (Xbox One)

Holy shift

Shiftlings puts players in control of two alien space travellers so as to complete complex puzzles spanning 50 levels. The catch is that both are attached by an air hose where they can pass gas back and forth between one another, meaning you can adjust their size and speed. Yeah, we can hear you giggling over there but why not check out...

News: Fresh New DLC for Rock Band is Out Today

Fresh New DLC for Rock Band is Out Today

Getting the band back together

Almost two years ago, Harmonix announced they would be putting an end to weekly DLC for their immensely popular music game, Rock Band. Whether they've gone back on their word or they've heard the cries for an encore, Harmonix has dropped new DLC today for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Players can nab "R U Mine?" by...