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Out Today: Mega Coin Squad (Xbox One)

Mega Coin Squad (Xbox One)

Money in the bank

A retro-styled platformer that focuses on collecting coins, dodging enemies, and battling it out with your friends, Mega Coin Squad makes the jump from PC to Xbox One today and could well be one to light up your multiplayer sessions this weekend. In Their Words: Mega Coin Squad features fast-paced and explosive on-the-couch...

Review: Mega Coin Squad (Xbox One)

Mega Coin Squad (Xbox One)


Couch-based multiplayer has been falling away in recent years but, with the rise of indie developers who are keen to see it make a comeback, more and more titles seem to be remembering that pretty much every console ever made supports more than one controller being in use at a time. This resurgence is most definitely occurring on the Xbox One...