Feature: Game Of The Mid-Year 2014

Game Of The Mid-Year 2014

Who doesn't enjoy reading a good list or five?

And that’s that… We’re now officially halfway through 2014, and the second half of the year is underway — time sure does fly, doesn’t it? While the past six months might not have been bursting at the seams with truly great blockbuster games, there has been more than enough quality...

Feature: Pure Xbox Best of 2013

Pure Xbox Best of 2013

A year's worth of games spanning generations

With the minutes left in 2013 rapidly fading away, we figured what better time for us to cram in the obligatory feature highlighting our favorite games of the year. Over the course of the past twelve months the Xbox brand has no doubt had its share of ups and downs, but all-in-all it was a solid year of...