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What Games Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 107

Posted by Tyler Treese

E3 Time!

Welcome to What Games Are You Playing This Weekend, our light-hearted feature where we talk about what games we'll be enjoying this weekend. This isn't all about us, though, as we'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

Now let's get into what games we'll be playing!

Ken Barnes (@SuperKMx)

Gamertag: pX SuperKMx

Given that the E3 news releases are already started rolling, I'm not envisioning much time for games this weekend. I sat down to play 30 minutes of Lumo for review on Thursday and received 25 emails while I was away...and the show hasn't even started! So, I reckon I'll be looking for something relaxing to play in my limited off-time and having finally sat down with Rory McIlroy PGA Tour earlier this week on a whim, I think that will do the job. It isn't the greatest game ever made, but I think it saw a lot of - in my opinion - undue negativity when it was released. It's part of the EA Access Vault, meaning that it's available to all EA Access subscribers, further confirming the fact that EA Access is the gift that keeps on giving.

But you pay for it. So it isn't a gift. But you get new stuff quite often. So they're sort of like gifts. But...wait...

Dave Letcavage (@DRL)

Gamertag: pXDave

By the time you read this, I'll likely have finished up my playthrough of Donkey Kong Country 3 on New 3DS. So, what's next? I'm thinking Kirby: Planet Robobot or Fenix Furia. Or both. The Witcher 3's final expansion, Blood and Wine, is also demanding my attention, but I might save that for after the insanity of E3.

Paul Renshaw (@Red620Ti)

Gamertag: Red620Ti

This weekend I'm in a mellow mood, so I'm going to spend the majority of my time building a massive house in Minecraft. So far I've made it three level, with a checkerboard pattern ground floor made with 2 different colour woods, bedrooms and open area on the first floor, then the attic will be the second floor, under the roof. Doing all this in survival mode is challenging, as I keep waking up to find creepers in my house, and they tend to make a mess of my shiny new floor!

Other than that, I guess its Hard Reset Redux, as despite the score I gave it, the story is strangely compelling, and Dark Souls as I try to take down Gravelord Nitto. So a nice quiet weekend ready for the explosion of busyness that will be E3 week!

Lucie Mansell (@lucieisawesome)

This weekend I shall be playing Mirror's Edge Catalyst, a game that I was not particularly looking forward to until I played the recent beta. Sadly, I missed the first Mirror's Edge when it came out and so was not sure if I would enjoy it, but I have to admit that the free-running and ass-kicking awesomeness that is Faith has captured my heart. So, I shall be in the City of Glass. Being awesome.

Josephine Lawton (@MegaKILLScreen)

Gamertag: MegaKillScreen

I am still playing a ton of Gwent simulator 2016 (also known as The Witcher III) and have now reached the unbelievable pinnacle of level 14! Since I started this in November I think I should probably get a move on. Elsewhere, XCOM: The Enemy Within is now backwards compatible, so I'm in the process of installing that as I type and I have had a hankering to go back and get all the achievements in TurnOn which I recently reviewed and can't stop thinking about.

Justin Tomann (@Justin5267)

This weekend will be consumed by a lovely pink little blob, while I play and struggle to pronounce Kirby Planet Robobot.

On the Xbox side of things I'll be working at my goal of completing the old Doom games before I pick up the new game. I've just recently finished the original Doom, and am now working at Doom 2. If I manage to beat it this weekend, I already have Doom 3 waiting to be played on my Xbox One.

Wayne Davies (@WayneDavies89)

This weekend is all about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I've waited patiently for both expansions - Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine - to be released so I can play them both back to back and reap the benefits of any new systems and mechanics. Now it's time to play. Only finished 2 or 3 side quests from Heart of Stone and I'm hooked once again.

If I somehow manage to step away from the steel and silver swords, I may spend a couple of hours on The Division or Destiny. Ignoring the pointless Destiny vs. Division arguments, I enjoy them both. They're both grinding looter shooters, but offer different gameplay experiences depending on your mood. If you want Sci-fi arcade action, play Destiny, if you want grounded intense gunfights, play The Division.

Thanks for reading. Now we want to know what games you're going to be playing! Let us know in the comments below

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crippyd said:

I hope to play some Dark Souls 3 to try and beat the Nameless King so I can start my NG run and get a different ending.



KelticDevil said:

I will be playing Universe At War on the 360 & some online Madden franchise with a buddy.



Souldin said:

I shall be playing Kirby: Planet Robobot... just that. I could possibly record some more Fallout 4 footage on Sunday, but that will most likely wait until I've finished watching E3. With E3 fast approaching, I doubt I'll have enough energy to do anything but play Kirby: Planet Robobot... oh, and make the opinion/discussion video about E3 for my YouTube channel.

@SuperKMx Sorry to hear that all the E3 news is keeping you from playing games... which is rather ironic when you think about it. I hope you have fun with what game time you manage to get in.

@DRL @Justin5267 My focus this weekend is also on Kirby: Planet Robobot. I'm hoping to get plenty of game time in before the many sleepless nights of watching E3 presentations begins.



shonenjump86 said:

I actually have the weekend off including Monday, a 3 day weekend. So there are some games I want to get in.
Xbox One- Killer Instinct, Dead or Alive 5 LR
Wii U- Freedom Planet, Smash Bros Wii U
PS4- One Piece Pirate Warrior 3, Street Fighter V, Uncharted 4, Last Blade 2



shonenjump86 said:

I would love to play the new Kirby game on 3DS, I'm gonna pick it up as soon as I can. I hope you, @DRL, and Justin5267 enjoy the game. In the meantime with the 3DS, I'll be playing Animal Crossing. I also bought a few Sega 3D games that are on sale so I will be getting in some classic gaming.
I totally forgot about DKC 3. I still haven't beaten that for Wii U.



frito said:

Pinball FX2, so many good tables on that game even if they aren't that real to life!



Jairo_MC said:

Bravely Second, Kirby: Planet Robobot and Donkey Kong Country 2 on 3DS.
On Xbox One, I wanna try Rocket League, since it's feee this weekend, but I can't get it started...

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