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New Xbox One Dashboard Update On the Way

Posted by Ken Barnes

But what does it contain?

It seems that Microsoft are gearing up to resume their periodical dashboard updates for the Xbox One, at least according to a message that has been doing the rounds from the Xbox Live team in the last 24 hours.

The message, which has been sent to select Preview Program members, has been sent via the Xbox Live messaging system and states:-

Time to register for the next big Xbox One preview! To opt in, open the Xbox Preview Dashboard, go to Registration and select Preview - Latest Xbox One Experience.

In the past, Microsoft only sent out reminder messages such as this for the debut of the NXOE dashboard, with standard preview dashboard updates just rolling out more or less without warning. So, what is Microsoft up to? Is this just a jump back to the standard monthly update schedule, or are they getting their ducks in a row for a big feature announcement at E3 that will roll out to Preview Program members right then and there? Only time will tell.

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RustyBullet said:

Well they did say they were going to overhaul the My Games and Apps section, so hopefully this is included in this update/upgrade to the Dashboard



manu0 said:

wait, so do i have to sign up again even though I'm already in the preview program?



SuperKMx said:

@manu0 No. Load up the Xbox Preview Dashboard app and you'll see if you're registered to "Preview - Latest Xbox One Experience" or not.

If you are, you're set.



liamistheking said:

whenever i load preview up and click registration it just say "Preview- current Xbox One Experience" and there is no other thing to click. so what do I do?



Captain_Chao5 said:

I'm in the preview program already too. You need to go to the app and change 'current nxe experience' to preview new nxe experience.



RustyBullet said:

@scoobyzelda Yea but as it tells you, you still have to go there and check that you are enrolled still. by default you should be but they only ask you to check its not hard. Some people may have changed after the final update to NXE. So to get whatever it is that's coming you just pop it back in.



Captain_Chao5 said:

@RustyBullet @scoobyzelda
As posted, I am in the preview program AND enrolled for NXE previews...BUT I did have to enroll again for the new preview as the default was for the 'current' NXE (which was the previous early adopter - if that makes sense).



EternalDragonX said:

I'll pass on the preview this time, the last one was a buggy mess and my console was freezing multiple times every day which drove me and my wife NUTS!!! even more so because we watch our tv through the xbox

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