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Microsoft Ditches Xbox One DVR Plans to Focus on Gaming

Posted by Ken Barnes

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Last year, Microsoft announced that they were working on adding a DVR feature for over-the-air TV to the Xbox One. Reaction to the announcement wasn't particularly what the Redmond giant expected, with most people sweating over the fact they'd doubtless need to buy another external drive. That, and the fact that more and more people are ditching over-the-air TV for everything but live events has led Microsoft to pull the plug on the idea.

In a statement to The Verge, a Microsoft spokesperson said:-

"After careful consideration, we've decided to put development of DVR for Over-the-Air TV on hold to focus our attention on launching new, higher fan-requested gaming experiences across Xbox One and Windows 10. We're always listening to fan feedback and we look forward to bringing more requested experiences on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Xbox Live this year."

So, there you have it. If you want to record episodes of Eastenders or Britain's Got Talent you'll need to...well...use one of the other devices you own that more than likely already has that functionality.


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KelticDevil said:

Yea no surprise here. I wouldn't have used this feature. And nobody else I know would've either. If they were going to do this, it should have been done at launch.



stylon said:

A little disappointing to hear... coming from someone who does use their xbox extensively as a media hub and was looking forward to adding freeview PVR to its' repertoire. However I understand why they've done this... and why they've chosen to offload the news before E3 too...



EternalDragonX said:

Thats quite fine my xbox is far too slow when doing tv stuff anyway. I have my cable box for that stuff.



Tasuki said:

Wasn't the Xbox One originally meant to be an all in one media box to begin with? Funny on how it has changed from that to oh a gaming system.



KelticDevil said:


Don Mattrick was kicked to the curb long ago. He was the idiot trying to make the Xbox into a media box first. Phil Spencer has them focused on what's most important......hence all the exclusives and the revamped focus on gaming.

Completely different leadership in play here.



Tasuki said:

@KelticDevil Yeah I know Mattrick was kicked to the curb (can't say I will miss him) but after that I didn't pay as close attention to MS as I did before. Sadly I wonder how many customers like me Mattrick cost them?



slpstrm said:

To be honest i'm not surprised, and not sure if i would have even used it as now days i rarely watch live TV most times I'm either playing games or if i am watching a program i'm streaming it from Netflix, Stan or some other service on console instead.



VanillaLake said:

It can be disappointing for some people, but I understand that Microsoft has realised how important gaming is for console owners, saying goodbye to that guy you're talking about and to Kinect futuristic features, plus including backwards compatibility. The only thing Microsoft can't change is Xbox One's dated GPU, but I bet they won't make the same mistake again.



SilentJ said:

I was thinking about the DVR feature two days ago after reviewing my cable bill. I was hoping to get rid of one of my boxes once the DVR feature was running on Xbox One so this really sucks!



JaxonH said:

Good. Get that notion of "entertainment center" out of here. I like the app diversity but leave it at that.

Less and less people are subscribing to cable. I think it's going to become a niche product much like the landline telephone (which only remains relevant due to business lines).

Internet streaming is the future and has been for some time now.

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