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E3 2016: Titanfall 2 Peripherals Available to Pre-Order

Posted by Paul Renshaw

Locked and loaded

Peripherals manufacturer PDP have launched a range of accessories featuring a striking Titanfall 2 motif.

The range consists of a wired Xbox One headset, and a similar wired "chat" headset.

Perhaps most appealing though, is a wired controller that will work on both Xbox One and PC, which does look rather spiffing. Prices are currently $59.99 for the controller, $69.99 for the wired headset and $24.99 for the wired chat headset, and all are available for pre-order on the PDP website


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slpstrm said:

I would have preferred a version of a wireless controller as well, but anyway i just want this game, I loved the first one and still play it today, the new features the game look great.
And with a expanded community by adding the PS4 (Sigh i can't believe I said that even though i own one also, but i game on my xbox) hopefully it will have the recognition the game deserves.

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