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E3 2016: Resident Evil 7 Announced, Heading to Xbox One

Posted by Adam Ducker

Before Kitchen?!

Whilst it's not common round here to report upon what happens at Sony events, a surprise announcement was enough to get us writing.

Resident Evil 7 was revealed as part of a slow burning first-person focused trailer inside a house, with the player slowly exploring, finding some unsavoury items along the way. The trailer ended with a news reveal of the impending zombie crisis spreading further than the confines of the immediate enviroment, before revealing the game's title.

Obviously, there was no mention of multiplatform releases at the show, but Capcom have since confirmed that it'll launch on Xbox One on the same day as on PS4.

Resident Evil 7 launches on Xbox One on January 24th 2017.

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Vincent294 said:

Looks proper, surprised the PS exclusivity isn't a couple months longer, but I'm not complaining.



KelticDevil said:

Frankly, I don't trust Capcom anymore. At all whatsoever. But, I was a HUGE fan of Resident Evil before the abominations known as 5, 6, & various spin-offs.

I will keep hope for this game, but I will certainly wait for reviews.



jpfan1989 said:

This has me cautiously optimistic if the actual game is anything like this trailer then it'll be great to see you Resident Evil returned to its horror roots.



Gamer83 said:

Yes, Capcom has spent too much time f'ing up the franchise. The only positive I could take from this trailer was the horror focus. But 5 and 6 hyped the horror aspect prior to release as well. And, I didn't get an RE vibe from that trailer. I actually guessed before the name was shown that it was The Evil Within 2.



KelticDevil said:


Exactly. I didn't think it was a RE game before they showed the title. So, just maybe, there's hope? We'll see.

And does this mean the Resident Evil has gone first-person? Or was that just the VR stuff?



Gamer83 said:

They need to shed more light on that first person part. I'm honestly hoping that's just related to some VR nonsense. At the very least have an option for first person or third for RE traditionalists.

I don't know when you jumped on board with Resident Evil, but the horror is actually part of what made that franchise and it's a shame Capcom went away from it with 5 and especially 6. The downhill slide actually began with RE 4 though. Great game on its own but not good as a 'Resident Evil' game, or at least it wasn't what I was looking for from RE.



lucieisawesome said:

Okay... I have slept on it and I still have no idea what just happened to Resident Evil... ​confuzed face

I literally stopped watching the announcement cos I thought it was Until Dawn VR and I have no interest in VR. Watched the trailer/stuff back and I still can't get my head around it. First person? Set after RE6? Is the Buffield gonna be in it? Where is my Jill? collapses into heap on floor




Gamer83 said:

There's a demo for PS Plus members, it's almost done downloading to my PS4. Will post impressions after I play it.



Gamer83 said:

Ok, so I played through the demo twice and there are a couple different solutions - same outcome, however - and I actually quite like it. The focus definitely seems to be horror, a big plus over the RE 5, and especially 6, approach. My main concern was the first person view but after the demo, I think it can work and may even help with the horror aspect. The key is to stick to horror and not go full action. Condemned 1 took the first person horror approach and it worked brilliantly. A still unanswered question... Since it's called Resident Evil 7, how does it fit in? I'm intrigued to find out. This is a cautious optimism because this is the modern Capcom but at least the demo convinced me not to write the full game off and actually has me a little hyped. I'll be interested to see how others who grew up on classic RE feel about this.



VanillaLake said:

First of all, I have to say that the song takes all the horror away! Secondly, this is now one of my most anticipated games! Finally, the logo is brilliant.

@Gamer83 Thanks for your impressions, I have a PS4 but not Plus at the moment*

*And that makes me hate this Plus-only thing.



EternalDragonX said:

I trust capcom as far as I can throw em. Truly sad to see such a great dev back in the 90's go to crap and ruin their franchises. Hopefully this will turn things around and get back to the roots of...Evil



VanillaLake said:

@EternalDragonX "ruly sad to see such a great dev back in the 90's go to crap and ruin their franchises".

That sentence makes me think of Nintendo, to be honest.

@shonenjump86 @Gamer83 A bit unfair that it's only released for PS4 Plus members, isn't it?

I would love if they left the subtitle Biohazard (the Japanese title) from now on, it sounds great! The logo with Roman numerals is awesome, too. Wow I'm so hyped about this and I'm almost never hyped these days.



Cyberbotv2 said:

That demo can't possibly reflect the actual game. I think that was put out there to show off the VR aspect if anything. Resident Evil 6 sold a ton, and I don't see Capcom totally scrapping that formula. It might be a little more of a mix, sort of what they did with Revelations.

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