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E3 2016: New Rock Band 4 Peripherals and Rock Band Rivals Announced

Posted by Ken Barnes

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When Rock Band 4 released last year, many people shall we say it?...somewhat disappointed that their old Xbox 360 USB peripherals would not work. Especially those with things like the $300 ION Drum Rocker sitting in their lounge.

We're not angry, honest.

Anyway, Harmonix are looking to make amend and have announced that they'll be bringing a new set of peripherals to Xbox One, including an adapter that will allow older peripherals to work. Indeed, the Rock Band 4 Wired Legacy Adapter for Xbox One (pictured below) will be available later this year, costing $29.99, and will allow the Rock Band 3 Midi PRO-Adapter for Xbox 360, the ION Drum Rocker for Xbox 360, and selected other wired legacy peripherals to work on Xbox One.

Also of note is the launch of the Fender Jaguar Guitar Controller, which is the first foldable guitar peripheral to be made available for the franchise. An accompanying charger stand will also be made available, for $29.99.

A new paid expansion called Rock Band Rivals will be released too, which will contain "really big, new modes to the game" that will be suitable for players of all skill levels. More details on Rivals will be released later on.

Rock Band Rivals and the Jaguar Guitar will be available in a bundle - complete with a copy of Rock Band 4 - for $89.99. If you're looking to splash out a bit more cash, you can get the full band kit, complete with Rock Band 4, Rock Band RIvals, the Jaguar Guitar, a drum kit, and a microphone, for $199.99. Rock Band Rivals will also be available standalone, for $29.99.

No release dates have been announced yet, but we'll let you know just as soon as we do.

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MadAdam81 said:

I already have one, they were hard to come by but I ordered one online for my Beatles Rockband Hofner bass. It doesn't allow the built in speaker and camera for auto calibration to work, but that's not a problem due to he Rock Band 4 guitar having it too.



SuperKMx said:

@MadAdam81 This one is a bit different to the one that lets the Hofner Bass work. I've got one of the ones you're talking about as well after thinking it would let the ION Drum Rocker work, but it doesn't.

Fortunately this new one will sort that problem.

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