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E3 2016: Microsoft Announces Clubs on Xbox Live

Posted by Paul "Des" Battersby

We In 'da club!

As part of the remaining 2016 updates to the Xbox UI is the introduction of Clubs on Xbox Live.

Pitched as communities similar to MMO guilds, the Clubs system allows players to create their own spaces aligned to their interests. For example, a community linked to building cities in Minecraft, raid-ready Destiny players or a Forza drift club. In addition to creating Clubs, players are also given moderation tools to invite, police, and curate their spaces, allowing such fine adjustments as age restrictions and swearing policies.

This system is a potential boon for gamers in groups regularly harrassed online, allowing them to build communities of like-minded individuals, but also a possible headache if those same tools are used to create abusive or unsafe environments.

It will be interesting to see how these features are received by players, how they're policed, and how they change over time.

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sorethumbed said:

Solid! Something like this has been needed for a long time. Imagine a nice big COD club - policed. Gaming without anlkebiters describing how they'd like to assault your mother (or their own for the 6 fingered club! Abusers kicked from the club. Deffo. A draw.



Red620Ti said:

I'd make a CoD group purely for gobby, squeaky voiced kids and then let them just argue amongst themselves. Take them out of general population, if you like.

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