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E3 2016: Futuristic Racer Redout Gets A Trailer, New Screenshots

Posted by Lucie Mansell

Hella fast, hella futuristic

Indie developers 34 Big Things have released a new trailer and a bunch of screenshots for their upcoming futuristic racer Redout to coincide with E3 2016.

Inspired by games such as WipEout and F-Zero, Redout is a high-speed racer featuring futuristic spaceships zooming through 'hella fast' circuits with off-the-rails style mechanics, allowing the player to exert full control of every twist and turn. The art style, described as 'futuretro' boasts high quality, sleek graphics and local multiplayer will be on the cards.

You can see the game in action in the gameplay trailer below:

Redout is expected to launch for Xbox One some time in September.


Game Screenshots

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Tasuki said:

Reminds me of Neo Fast Racer or whatever its called on Wii U.



JaxonH said:

Another wasted effort.

I can tell just by looking at the footage that it controls like every other F-Zero knockoff. The back end tailspins when turning or even moving left and right. How hard is it to make it NOT do that! I want a game where I can zoom left and right, make 189 degree turns, etc, without the backend sliding!

Man, they just don't get it. This is why they all control like Wipeout.



jongred said:

@Tasuki I like the artstyle of FAST better actually and it is a good game. This does look a bit too slow and the drift controls looks a little "meh"



RustyBullet said:

Sorry but that looks a bit mehh. Very poor mans F-Zero/WipeOut. But that footage is pre Alpha so I will wait for launch to make my mind up.



lucieisawesome said:

Hey guys! Deepest apologies to @korsaat84 and 34BigThings for posting the wrong trailer! There is a MUCH newer trailer, as shared in the link.
Will speak to the powers that be and have it amended!

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